Shopbop Sale Alert!

Shopbop Sale

It’s Shopbop sale time once again, which means it’s your chance to save up to 25% at one of ShoeperWoman’s favourite stores – and it’s MY turn to think, “Damn, why do these sales always come along when I’ve already spent all of my money for the month, and REALLY can’t justify buying one more thing? It’s a tragedy, to be sure.

Still, my loss is your gain, so better make the most of it! The discount code is EOTS17, and it’ll get you 20% orders under $500, and 25% off orders over that amount. Don’t forget, you can also get 15% off your first order from the Shopbop app, so just download the app from the iTunes store, and then use code APP15 to claim that particular discount.

Not sure what to buy? I’m pretty sure that’s NOT a problem many of you are likely to have, but just in case it is, might I suggest these Charlotte Olympia ‘Pimlico’ heels?

Charlotte Olympia Pimlico heels

I love the curved and studded sides on these, and I also like the fact that they’re a whole lot more wearable than many of the Charlotte Olympia shoes I’ve featured here in the past.

Or how about these from the same brand?

red shoes by Charlotte Olympia

OK, so these maybe aren’t QUITE as wearable (I for one would struggle to find even a single occasion when I could wear something like this, but maybe you have a more exciting life than me?), but they ARE beautiful to look at, and hey, they’re ON SALE. Which, well, still makes them hideously expensive, to be honest, but if you’re looking for a way to justify buying designer shoes…

I also think this little bag is absolutely adorable:

Micro Pristine Box Bag

It’s teeny-tiny, so obviously not the kind of thing you’re going to be taking to work, but for an evening out? Perfect.

Now, go shop that sale!


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