ShoeperStar: Sarah Michelle Gellar in B Brian Atwood ‘Blayne’ pumps

Sarah Michelle Gellar B Brian Atwood 'Blayne' pumps

It’s a little bit of a shame (for us, although obviously not for her) that Sarah Michelle Gellar is walking towards the camera, rather than away from it, in this photo, because the back of this shoe is where all the action is. Or where all of the gold is, anyway.

These are B Brian Atwood‘s ‘Blayne’ pumps, which come with a black suede upper and gold leather heels. I feel like I’ve been a bit unfair to the front by focusing so much on that heel, so here are a couple more views for you:

Black peep toe shoes

Black pumps are so easily dismissed as “boring”, but sometimes all it takes is to see someone actually wearing them to change your mind: I must have seen these dozens of times on Shopbop, but this is the first time I’ve really stopped to look at them, and all because I finally got to see someone wearing them!

B Brian Atwood ‘Blayne’, $359: click here to buy them at Shopbop.


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