Shoeper Shoe Challenge Week 31 Roundup (and a small change to the rules)

Collage of photos from Shoeperwoman's shoe challenge

Before we get on with this week’s roundup, I just wanted to say that, as of today, I’ll no longer be requiring full-length outfit shots as “proof” that each pair of shoes has been saved. You can still take and send them if you want to, of course – I’ll still be publishing the weekly roundup as normal – but if you’d rather just send an image of the shoes themselves, you have that option now, too. So it’s not so much a “change” as simply another, slightly easier option for those of you who want to take it!

There are lots of reasons for this move, but over the past few months, I’ve become increasingly uncomfortable with the idea of posting photos of myself online, and while I’m not saying I’m going to stop altogether, it is something I want to cut back on, or at least take a bit of a break from. So I will still post outfits shots for some of my shoe saves – it just won’t be every one. Obviously I don’t expect those of you participating in the Challenge to do something I’m not doing myself, so I’m opening up the “shoe shot” option to all participants, and leaving it up to you to decide whether you want to use it or not!

I really hope everyone will understand this small change, and as I said above, it doesn’t have to affect you at all if you don’t want it to: you’re free to continue exactly as before, and there will be no change to the weekly roundups, so the only difference you might notice if you’re a regular reader is that some of the outfit shots may be replaced with shoe shots instead.

Now, on with the shoes!


  • Oh, yay! I have been so busy with “real life” that I have not been able to take outfit photos. Maybe now I can get back to saving some of my “babies.”

  • Sorry to hear you are feeling uncomfotable posting photos of yourself Amber – hope it isn’t due to a bad experience!

    I always look forward to your shoe challenges to see your gorgeous outfits, hair and make-up! You always look fab in your photos so I am a li’l sad there will be less of them, but I totally get that you have to do what is right for you!

    • Thanks, Ez! And no, it’s not due to a bad experience or anything, it’s really just a combination of things which made me want to stop, or at least cut down. I may change my mind again at some point down the line (I’m fickle like that 🙂 ) but for now I figured this would be the best compromise!

  • I’m actually really pleased that you’re implementing this change. It may seem odd but even though I quite frequently blog OOTD posts I am extremely self critical. I’m definitely more likely to take part if the shoe shot is an option because even if my face/ body isn’t feeling entirely camera friendly that day, my feet will be xx

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