Shoe Shopping With Shoeperwoman: Orange bow front peep toes from Zara

zara-peep-toesOrange wouldn’t normally be my first choice of shoe colour (although these actually looked much redder in real life than they do in the photos – in fact, they didn’t strike me as “orange” at all, so the camera may be lying a little here), but I had a total “Shopaholic” moment while I was trying these on.

If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll probably remember the scene where Becky Bloomwood spots a pair of Gucci boots on sale, manages to use ever ounce of strength she has to resist them, and puts them back down… only for another woman to grab them: at which point, of course, Becky realises that the boots are HERS, and that nothing will stop her buying them.

Well, pretty much the same thing happened with these. I saw them and loved them, but I was actually shopping for a pair of shorts for my holiday, and where on earth would I wear a pair of orange peep toes anyway, I told myself? They’d just sit there at the back of the wardrobe, never to see the light of day again. So I put back the single pair of size 4s they had – and another shopper instantly grabbed them and put them on, at which point I was forced to hover around the shoe section protectively, just praying for her to put them down so I could buy them.

I didn’t, though. And she did put them down, too. My powers of resistance are clearly better than I thought: first the Louboutins, then these.,. and I haven’t even told you about the two pairs of Dune shoes I could’ve bought for £50 in TK Maxx…

If you don’t want to resit, though, these were £39.99 from Zara – who, to my constant annoyance, don’t allow you to shop online, so you’ll have to look for them in-store.


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