Shoe Save # 89: Sparkles and bows

Schuh Colette pumps

SHOES: Schuh Colette diam brooch courts (via eBay)
SAVED: Sunday, January 29th, 2011

I’ve touched on this a few times, I know, but the hardest part of this Shoe Challenge (and the one which preceded it) for me has been the outfit photos, without a doubt. There is, however, one big advantage of taking photos of your outfits, whether you post them on the internet or not, and that’s the fact that they allow you to see the outfit in a whole different light: literally, I mean.

Very early on in the first challenge, I realised that an outfit which looked perfectly fine in the mirror, for instance, could look totally different on camera, and there have been a few occasions in the past couple of years where I’ve taken photos of an outfit, looked back at the first few shots… and then gone straight back to the closet to change into something else, because the camera has picked up things I just hadn’t noticed, and I can see from the photos that the outfit just doesn’t work.

Saturday was one of those times.

sparkly shoes

On Saturday evening, we’d been invited to a friend’s birthday party. I’d planned to wear these Colette pumps from Schuh, because these are total party shoes, and this is the last party we’ll be attending before the end of the challenge, in two week’s time(!). Despite having decided just to post shoe shots for these last few challenges, I had a dress I was really excited to wear, so, against my better judgement, I decided to take a few photos.

Schuh colette

I was really glad I did, because this was one of those outfits that just didn’t work. I took a few snaps, and then looked back at them on the the viewfinder, as I always do, just to make sure I’m actually in the shot, and haven’t cut my feet off or anything, and straight away I knew I wouldn’t be wearing that outfit. And you know, it wasn’t a terrible outfit. I still like all of the individual pieces: I love the shoes, I love the dress… I just didn’t love them together, on that particular night, and I knew I wouldn’t be comfortable in it, so I went and changed into one of my “go to” black dresses: no photos of that one, though, because you’ve seen it before, and I was running out of time by then! The best laid plans…

I did wear the shoes the next day, with a boring pair of black trousers, so they were saved, just not in quite the way I’d planned! These shoes are by Schuh, but I actually bought them a couple of months ago from the brand’s eBay store, which I like to keep an eye on, because it’s possible to pick up great shoes for a fraction of what you’d pay in store, or on the main Schuh site. I can’t remember exactly what I paid for these, but I do know it was less than half retail, so I was pretty happy. I like the fact that they’re sparkly without being glittery, and I also really liked the curvy shape, which I think gives them a decadent kind of feel.

Schuh Colette pumps

I have just one pair of shoes left to save now, and I’m planning to wear those on Valentine’s day itself: assuming I don’t have another last-minute change of heart about my outfit, that is!


  • I’m glad you saved them, they are gorgeous!!! The embellishment bows are beautiful, I love them! Congratulations, just one more pair!!! And on a special day!

  • They are stunning! I was wondering what someone elses opinion on Schuh shoes because they seem to be a narrow fit to me and I wouldn’t say that my feet are particularly wide…what is your take on Schuh branded shoes generally?x

    • I actually only have these and one other pair from Schuh (I think), so I’m possibly not the best person to ask! I think with most lines it probably varies from style to style – the other pair I have are a little narrow in the toe, but these are fine!

      • thanks for the reply, I only have one pair and I don’t think I’ll be investing again, but these are lovely!

        • I find Schuh shoes narrow, so now I look and like but tend not to buy. I then console myself in Office or Clarks! LOL!

  • Omg! I totally understand. I’ve deleted hordes of sets of outfit photos because when I finally went back to look at the outfit I realized that it just doesn’t photograph well. Might look spectacular in person but the camera its quite awful. (And unfortunately I’ve noticed this happens with make up too!)

    • Oh yes, it really does – I’ve basically given up trying to take photos of my own makeup for my beauty blog now, because what looks fine in person almost always looks terrible on camera for me: and those close-up shots pick up every single fine line and tiny mistake! The makeup photos were actually making me really depressed – I’d look at them and think, “Wow, do I really look like THAT?” Now I just don’t bother unless I’m feeling particularly brave!

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