Shoe of the Day | ASOS ‘Palm View’ pink Mary Jane high heel shoes

ASOS 'Palm View' pink Mary Jane high heel shoes

ASOS 'Palm View' pink Mary Jane high heel shoes

ASOS ‘Palm View’ pink Mary Jane high heel shoes, £30

I’ve been featuring tons of ASOS dresses lately, but not many pairs of their shoes, so today I thought I’d put that right, with a quick look at the footwear section of the site. I’m starting off with these ‘Palm View’ heels, which have gone straight onto my Wish List: aren’t they amazing? I don’t normally go for shoes with straps, but the asymmetric strap on these is just right, and makes the shoe seem that bit more sophisticated than it would have been had it gone straight across the foot – one of those little details that makes all the difference!

These also come in bright yellow, but I think the pink would be more versatile, as well as being very spring-like.

I also love these gold textured sandals, which are by Glamorous:

gold textured sandals

Gold textured sandals, £30

These have a real vintage-inspired feel to them: I can just imagine them with a white, pleated sundress, in an old-fashioned movie. Like the first pair of shoes, these are just £30, which is pretty decent, considering they’re the kind of thing you could wear all summer long. They’ve ALSO gone onto my wish list – er, maybe I shouldn’t have started this: I suspect it could end up getting pretty expensive!

ASOS 'Penzance' peep toes

ASOS ‘Penzance’ peep toes, £30

The ‘Penzance’ peep toes come in gold, nude and mint green, and I’d hate to have to choose between them, because those are three colours I’d never get tired of. The style itself is totally straightforward, without any embellishment – sometimes those styles are the best, though, don’t you think?

ASOS Prequel high heels

ASOS Prequel heels, £35

Finally, ‘Prequel’ is another shoe with a touch of vintage styling about it – I always think rose gold and pink is a particularly lovely combination, and these are no exception!

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