Shoe Kryptonite: Kate Spade ‘Licorice’ polka dot pointed toe pumps

Kate Spade polka dot shoes

Kate Spade ‘Licorice’ polka dot pumps, $298

I spotted (no pun intended) these shoes on Pinterest earlier today, and pounced on them quicker than you can say “kryptonite”. I feel like these shoes were sent specificially to tempt me: the shape is Pigalle-esque and classic, the sides are steep and curved, but I hardly even need mention the main attraction here, do I? POLKA DOTS. Oh, those polka dots: they’re guaranteed to get me every time, and while the print itself has been everywhere this summer, it’s unusual to find it on a patent upper, so I love the fact that these shoes would allow me to continue wearing polka dot shoes all the way into winter.

If you’re not so dotty about dots, however, these shoes come in no less than eight other colours, and are something of a Kate Spade staple: you can see the other available colours here.

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