Paper Dolls bow front court shoes

Paper Dolls Bow front court shoes

Paper Dolls bow-front court shoes, £58

Lipsy is a brand I usually associate with clubwear (I’m actually not sure how I’d have gotten through my own clubbing days without them, in fact…), which means I have a tendency to overlook their website when I’m looking for shoes to feature here.

I did, however, end up there by accident last week, and it’s a good job I did, because in addition to their own brand clothing, they also stock (amongst other things) a selection of pieces from Paper Dolls, which is a brand I’ve featured a few times now, and always like. These shoes aren’t the most expensive looking heels you’ll ever see (probably because they’re NOT the most expensive heels you’ll ever see), but I do like the little black bow and nude upper: such a classic colour combination, and combined with the ladylike shape, these are right up my alley.

Also by Paper Dolls are these mesh heels:

paper Dolls mesh heels

This is quite an unusual design, with the single asymmetric strap adding a bot of interesting to the good ol’ t-strap. I mostly like these for the mesh section on the vamp, which is covered in little polka dots – very cute, but also fairly subtle.

gold sandals

These gold sandals aren’t  quite so subtle, with that pin-heeled stiletto and knotted gold front. I normally steer clear of ankle straps, but the very low back on these shoes makes this one very necessary, as well as helping to balance out the front-heavy shape a little. This is a 123mm heel, so you’ll definitely want them to feel secure on your feet!

red court shoes

Finally, these red court shoes have a cone-shaped heel, and cut-out sections on the sides and vamp: this is another really striking design, which is an interesting combination of vintage and modern, I think. Gotta love that bright red upper, too!

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