Shoe Kryptonite | Casadei red suede butterfly pumps

CAsadei red butterfly pumps Casadei red suede butterly pumps

Casadei red suede butterfly pumps, £480

OK, how AMAZING are these shoes? Seriously, I’m a huge Casadei fan, and know the brand is capable of making some spectacular shoes, but these are true Shoe Kryptonite for me, and here’s why:

1. The colour

Red is one of the best colours out there for shoes, but it’s also a problematic one, because you want it to be bright enough to make an impact, but not so bright that it looks cheap. This shade reminds me of my favourite red lipstick, which makes it perfect, as far as I’m concerned.

2. The shape

These may not have the classic ‘Blade’ heel which has become the Casadei trademark, but they’re still curvy, elegant, and as much as I hate to use the word “perfect” yet again, they really are, aren’t they? I’d love the shape even without any kind of embellishment, but that brings me to my final point:


It’s just fabulous, isn’t it? I love the gold trim, and the way the wings are lifted, as if the butterfly is either just about to take off, or has just landed. There’s also a sheer section underneath each wing, to add to the effect, which is unusual, and beautifully done.

How to save these shoes?

I’ll be honest: if I owned these shoes I’d wear them with absolutely everything, including pyjamas. I won’t bore you by pointing out (again) that I think red makes a great neutral: one of my favourite ways to wear red shoes, however, is with navy, so if  money was absolutely no object, I’d choose something like this:

red shoes and navy dress

What to wear with Casadei butterfly pumps


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