Friday Fix | Christian Louboutin ‘Princess Glitter’

Christian Louboutin 'Princess Glitter' Christian Louboutin 'Princess Glitter' Christian Louboutin 'Princess Glitter'

Christian Louboutin ‘Princess Glitter’, £495

I’m almost afraid to look at the Christian Louboutin website right now. My last two Friday Fix picks (both from the SS14 collection) have been pure Kryptonite for me, and you never want to risk exposing yourself (or your credit card, rather) to too much temptation, do you? Of course, my Shoeperhero duties led me there anyway, and sure enough, here’s yet another pair of spring 2014 shoes to set my heart a-flutter!

These are called “Princess Glitter” and they have a very pointed toe, a very low vamp, and a gorgeous cross-cross strap, in gold glitter. It would be tempting to describe the cream and gold upper as “bridal”, but while these would, indeed, make a wonderful pair of wedding shoes, I don’t think they have to be restricted to brides only – it’s a very neutral shade, which will work with almost anything. I actually wore quite a lot of cream and gold last summer, and really like the combination, which I think would also work well for the party season, due to the glitter sections.

While I was on the Louboutin website, a couple of handbags also caught my eye. I know I’ve professed not be a “bag lady” in the past, but I’m slowly turning into one, and I absolutely love these two:

Christian Louboutin bow handbag

Sweet Charity Patent Spikes, £895

Christian Louboutin spike handbag

Salina Messenger, £975

They’re even more expensive than the shoes, so there’s no danger of me actually buying either of them, but I do love to look at them: those summery colours and cute little bows will get me every time!

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  • I am having to resist the temptation to look at these shoes on the CL website. It will save me a world of pain if I can stay away (or my credit card will be saved, at least).

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