Menbur ‘Hope’ bow peep toe shoes

green bow peep toe shoes red bow peep toe shoes

Menbur ‘Hope’, £125

Quick heads up: this is another one of those “I found these shoes only after they were sold out in my size” posts, so if you happen to wear a UK size 3 or 4, and you got excited when you saw the photos, you might want to stop reading now, before you get too mad at me.

Menbur is a brand that does a particularly good job of both bows and of party shoes. These ‘Hope’ peep toes are a wonderful combination of both, and although the bow peep toe has to be one of the most over-done shoe styles ever (Not that I’m complaining, mind you…), so I’m always impressed when a brand manages to do something slightly different with them. In this case, Menbur have kept the classic shape (and a giant of a bow), and added a textured, floral print pattern on top of the satin-effect upper. It’s a very striking look, which works really well, and I also approve of the two available colour choices: red and green shoes are almost always guaranteed to get my attention!

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