Shoe Deja Vu: Fendi Vs Boutique 9

Great shoes, Boutique 9, but… haven’t we seen this shape somewhere before?

We certainly have: on the left of the picture we have Fendi’s ‘Butterfly’ peep toes, which I showed you last summer, while on the right we have Boutique 9’s ‘Caruhah’, looking sort of similar. You could obviously play Spot the Difference here with the colours, the materials and the height of the platform, but even so, they’re still essentially the same shape.

The Boutique 9 shoes are $170, and come in a few different colourways, of which I’ve shown you the most unusual. (You can click here to see the rest of them.) The Fendis, meanwhile, were $790, but are now sold out.


  • Ok, Fendi has got the original design, and probably better goods, but I’d prefer the Boutique 9 version šŸ˜€ for the heel’s shape and smaller platform (and smaller number on price tag)!


  • I think they’re fantastic copies for the price, but I still prefer the fendi ones, there’s just something about the shape of them that makes them easily identifiable as the more expensive of the two.

  • They are both quite beautiful. I think I might prefer the darker colors if pressed. There is also always the question of comfort. I am often willing to pay extra for a shoe that does not hurt, but that much more? I’m not sure.

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