Shoe of the Day | Miss KG ‘Evelyn’ pale pink pumps with jewel embellishment

Miss KG 'Evelyn' pale pink pumps with jewel embellishment

Miss KG ‘Evelyn’ pale pink pumps with jewel embellishment, £75

Looking back through the ShoeperWoman archive, I see I didn’t feature Kurt Geiger very often last year, but have shown you plenty of their shoes this year already – and it’s still only February. Last year, the brand seemed to produce a lot of very “fashion-forward” styles, with chunky soles and lower heels – fantastic if you’re a fan of that particular style, obviously, but I’m pleased to see the inclusion of a few more pairs of classic pumps in this year’s line-up, for those of us who don’t care about being trendy, and just want some fabulous shoes to wear.

These ‘Evelyn’ pumps from the Miss KG line are definitely fabulous – or the toe embellishment is, at least! The shoe itself is a standard d’orsay cut pump, in a shape that will be familiar to Kurt Geiger fans. The colour, meanwhile, is the palest of pinks – a shade which Kurt Geiger themselves describe as “nude”, but which will, of course, only be “nude” if you happen to have this exact skin tone. Even if you don’t, however, I think it’s a very wearable colour, especially once the weather warms up, and lets us break out all of those pastels and floral prints again!

outfit featuring floral midi skirt and pink pumps

skirt / top / bracelet / watch 

I’ve gone back to Oasis for this outfit, and after complaining about the length of their dresses last week, I now have to eat my words, because this midi-length skirt is floral perfection – and is one of a few similar styles the brand has in stock. I know midi styles aren’t for everyone (I wrote a post on how to wear them here) but I’m not-so-secretly hoping they never go totally out of fashion: they’re just so feminine and fun to wear, and provide an excellent excuse to wear your highest, most extravagant heels, into the bargain!

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