Seychelles heart-front ‘Ready for Anything’ peep toes

heart front peep toe shoes

Seychelles ‘Ready for Anything’ peep toes, $65.99

I thought I’d shown you aaaalll the heart-front shoes out there (so far, anyway…) but nope, it appears that these ones somehow managed to slip under my shoeper radar! I’ve captured them now, however, and I’m very glad I did, because just look at how cute they are!

These have a nude/black colourway, which makes them a little less cartoonish than can be the case with some heart-inspired shoes, and the leather upper helps with that, too. Best of all, that very neutral colour scheme will make these easy to wear with tons of different colour combinations, and with everything from casual jeans to fancy dresses. They have a 4″ heel, but the thick, tapered shape should make these feel fairly comfortable, and easier to walk in than a narrow stiletto would be. The price is good too, which just leaves us with one question:

What to wear with these shoes?

As I said above, I don’t think you’d struggle for outfit options with these, but I think they’d look particularly nice with this Jolie Moi dress:

polka dot dress outfit

retro-inspired look with heart-front shoes

♥   Jolie Moi polka dot circle dress   ♥   Fabrizio Mancini wide waist belt   ♥  Dorothy Perkins black cardigan   ♥  Sole Society red shopper bag   ♥  Opening Ceremony sunglasses

I love this dress, and would probably have been tempted to order it, if it weren’t for the very high waist it appears to have. That could just be the photography, of course, but that kind of waistline does my long-torso no favours whatsoever, making that wide waist belt a necessity, rather than simply an accessory!


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