See by Chloe hidden wedge pastel platform flats

pastel flats

One of my New Year’s resolutions for is to show you more pairs of fabulous flats, because even although I rarely wear them myself, flats are popular for a reason (and are very much a wardrobe staple, too).

This pair is from the See by Chloe diffusion line, and I like them, not just because of the colour combination, which reminds me of ice cream, summer, and other nice things, but because of the hidden wedge. Although flats are generally praised as a more “sensible” option than heels (which they often are, I’m sure), if they’re totally flat, they can actually be pretty bad for your feet, providing little to no arch support, and not much cushioning to the heel. By giving these ones a small, hidden wedge, the designer has retained the look and feel of a flat, but hopefully made them just a little more comfortable.

The proof of that, however, will be in the wearing, so if you want to test them out for yourself, you can click here to buy a pair from Shopbop, where they’re $275.


  • I bought a “more or less” similar pair, from Irregular Choice, and I loved them! I agree about flats, that can cause pain: I can’t wear shoes without heels at all. These ones now are very beautiful; I would love to have them, but the price tag puts me off!

  • I’m on a ever-long search after ballerinas or wedges with a small heel, so i’d love to see more of those!
    I don’t walk well in heels, I don’t feel I can balance properly, and my arch hurts after five minutes in everything over 2,5 inches, but I can’t wear flat shoes either, because I walk on my heels.
    Every spring I visit every shoe store here looking for just the right height heel, without the shoes looking matronly, and it’s a difficult search..

    I love these, pretty cute and with a heel, but way out of my price range. :S

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