‘Schuh’ Kryptonite: Red gingham ‘Garda’ wedges

I thought I was going to be able to resist these shoes. I mean, sure, that gingham print is almost too cute for words, and absolutely perfect for a retro/50s style summer look. And they’re red. And would go with almost everything I own.

But they’re £70. And that’s rather a lot of money for a pair of fabric wedges, so I was all set to resist. Then I saw this photo:

It’s no use, I’m a lost cause. I’m going to covet these shoes until I either crack and buy them, or until they totally sell out in my size, and I’m forced to spend the rest of my life searching eBay for them. I may as well go and get started with that now.

If you, meanwhile, want to save yourself the hassle and just buy the things, you can click here to do it.


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