Ruby Shoesday # 5: Here comes the sun!

What: New Look red bow flats
When: May 18th, 2010
Where: hairdressers, a walk in the sun
With: Striped dress (George); belt (gifted)

It’s sunny! And not just sunny, but actually WARM, too! I celebrated by throwing aside the jeans and trousers I’ve been living in, and throwing on a dress. These shoes are my “emergency” red flats, worn in honour of  Ruby Shoesday, and I’m happy to report they were a little more comfortable today than they were last time I wore them. A good day all round: now hopefully the sun will stick around for a while and let me start working my way through my Shoe Challenge sandals!



An out-take. Note to self: no, it wouldn’t be cool to try to walk along the top of that fence…


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