Ruby Shoesday # 12: In which I wear polka dots, just for a change

(Christian Louboutin red patent Very Very wedges (also worn here , here and here); Topshop jeans, New Look top (also worn here); belt stolen borrowed from my mum.)

Because my life is super-exciting, I wore this outfit to the dentist’s today. I’m pretty sure my dentist thinks I don’t actually own clothes that aren’t jeans (because obviously dentists have nothing better to do with their time than analyse what their patients are wearing): I’m having Invisalign treatment on lower teeth at the moment, so I’m there every couple of weeks and, being the clumsy and accident-prone person I am, I always worry that a skirt will ride up in the chair and I’ll inadvertently show the poor man more than just my molars, so jeans it is. And I guess if I’m going to drool (and trust me, I am), I’d may as well drool over a pair of jeans than something that has to be dry-cleaned…

Yeah, you’ve never seen these shoes before, have you? Actually, I’m pleased I’ve been getting so much use out of them: it helps bring the cost-per-wear down to something much more reasonable, and given that I probably only have a few more weeks of open-toe-shoe-weather ahead of me, I figure I may as well make the most of it!

Speaking of jeans, these are Topshop’s Baxters: I got them a few weeks ago with some Topshop vouchers I’d won, in the hope that they’d turn out to be the much sought-after One Jean to Rule Them All, but they turned out to be perfect in everything but the length – they’re slightly too long, so unless I turn them under (which I hate), they tend to scrunch up around my ankles. The search goes on…

Anyone else having a ruby kinda Shoesday? What are you wearing?


  • I had a Ruby Shoesday today completely by accident! I wore some red flat pumps from George that have a polka dot trim & a bow! They were really cheap (£6) and I wear them all the time. Pity I cant show you a pic 🙂 x

  • Not today, sorry. (Black ballet flats…) But last week my red Chucks got another go. So far I’m stuck with only two pairs of red shoes, and it wasn’t sandal weather…

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Invisalign. To me, metal braces would have worked when I was a teen. I’ve (just) past that phase and I’m starting professional work, so wearing metal braces would make me feel like…grown-up I guess.I thought I’ve missed the boat but Invisalign seems like a possible option, whenever I feel like starting work on my teeth.

    As for your jeans, can’t you just bring them to a tailor to take up the hem?

  • Oh… Tuesday… writing today because I didn’t take my laptop… to my incredibly dreeeeeeam trip this time… couldn’t have been better 🙂 🙂 🙂
    On Tuesday I was wearing a multi-color dress, I may post once, cause I really liked it… because it reminds me of a dress I loved, and my father gave to me when I was 18… And black patent Dolce Vita shoes. Everybody loooved my outfit…
    As much as I loved your outfit as well! I love polka dots (ooohhh… I’m using the word “love” a lot now, mmhh? 😉 Ah, this feeling…) and your Louboutin wedges are simply gooorgeous! Really good that you are wearing them that much, after all, it’s not because they are (were) expensive, but the main point is that they are beautiful!

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