Arfango curve-heel pumps

curve heel shoes

As much as I love curves, I’m not generally a fan of them on heels. Most of the time, a curved heel looks like a manufacturing fault to me, or as if – heaven forbid! – the wearer of the shoe in question was so heavy she caused the heel to buckle.

I’d definitely be willing to make an exception for these Arfango pumps, though: the curve is almost too exaggerated for its own good, but I think it just manages to look intentional, and it also gives the shoes a very fanciful, fairy-tale look, which I love. I really love the top pair, which have a touch of old-fashioned glamour about them, and which are also available in a gorgeous gold upper.

Of course, having said all of this, I’m willing to bet I’d change my mind about these shoes pretty quickly once all of the “Oh, look, your heel’s bent!” comments started up. I mean, it’s bad enough just listening to people comment on the height of my heels over and over again (If you’re a fellow heel lover, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, here!) – I can only imagine the kind of stir something like this would create!

These are just two of the Arfango styles currently available at – you can click here to see the rest!


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