Rosamosario Tulle Over Art appliquéd silk-satin sandals

I spotted these shoes at Net-a-Porter last week and had to share them with you: not because I particularly like them, you understand (for some reason, a huge white platform instantly makes me think “Spice Girls”), but because they’re pretty unique. At first glance, I assumed they were wedges, but closer inspection reveals them to be stiletto mules, which have a strip of tulle stretched between the heel and platform.

The heels themselves are also rather interesting:

I rather like this effect, mostly because the buttons remind me of my wedding dress, which had a row of buttons down the bodice (although mine were square, not round). I also like the delicate flowers at the heels, and on the arch of the sole.

Where would you wear them? Net-a-Porter have a suggestion: “Wear them as the focus of your look for a contemporary summer wedding,” they say. To this I would add an important clause: ONLY IF YOU’RE THE BRIDE. I can only really see these working as wedding shoes, can’t you?

What do you think of them?

Rosamosario Tulle Over Art appliquéd silk-satin sandals, £630: click here to buy them.


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