Beautiful Bridal Shoes: Faith rhinestone bow courts

bridal shoes
A lot of people end up on this site because they’re looking for shoes to wear to a wedding (whether their own or someone else’s), so especially for those people, here’s a lovely little shoe by Faith, which would be suitable for brides, bridesmaids and, well, anyone else who feels they have a good reason to wear satin shoes with a  rhinestone bow on the toe. I don’t have such a reason, unfortunately, but I’d give it a shot anyway, because these are just gorgeous:

You wouldn’t really want to cover those up with a long gown, would you?

Faith have a really nice collection this season: since they were bought over by Debenhams, the brand seems to be moving more towards the evening/bridal end of the market, and doing a pretty good job of it, too, so if you’re looking for shoes for a special occasion, they’re well worth a look. These particular shoes are currently reduced to £44, and you can find them here, along with the rest of the range.

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