Roberto Cavalli suede ankle boots with curved heels


Well, if the last pair of boots I showed you vaguely reminded me of a chair, these ones definitely do (albeit it’s the arm of the chair, not the leg I’m thinking of this time. I’ve talked a lot about chairs today, haven’t I?). And also a boat. So… a boat that is also a chair, then. Or actually, hold on a minute: is it actually the bannister of a stair I’m thinking of? Some other kind of carved woodwork? God, I’m confused. I haven’t had enough coffee for this…

Let’s just stick to what we DO know, then: they’re boots. Ankle boots. They’re suede. They’re by Roberto Cavalli. They cost $1364 at Zappos. I think the image of them above would make a very nice print, maybe if you had one of those cool, open-plan lofts or something. Are they a success as boots, though? I’ll leave that one up to you to ponder…


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