Rihanna wears socks and stilettos to the 2010 Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards

socks and stilettos

So, what do we think about the wearing of socks and stilettos together, readers?

Rihanna is obviously cool with it: she wore silver ankle socks with these gold stilettos to the 2010 Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards this weekend (take a look under the jump to see the rest of her outfit), but of course, that’s Rihanna. This definitely isn’t a look for everyone, and while I think it can look cute, I always have to add the words “on other people” to that sentence, because it’s not something I’d be able to pull off myself.

What about you, though? Would you wear ankle socks and stilettos?

Rihanna Attends The 2010 Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards


  • It is cute but it really shortens the leg very much!
    unlike ankle boots, the sock is a tight fit and it does cut the leg short…
    even such legs as Rhianna’s…

  • Lets give Rihanna the benefit of the doubt and say she wouldn’t have worn this combination to a non child-themed event.

  • I used to wear ankle socks with court shoes in the eighties. Still, I was more or less a child then. It’s just too twee for my taste these days, even on others.

  • Looking at the outfit as a whole, the sock-n-stiletto look works well on Rihanna. I have seen the trend on a few runways but I don’t think it’s a look that would suit me personally, but if you can pull it off, more power to you!

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