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I’m going to take a wild guess that you’ve probably all already seen this, savvy shoe shopper that you are, but just in case you haven’t, I would be a bad Shoeperwoman indeed not to tell you about The Outnet’s 2nd birthday sale.

As you may remember, The Outnet celebrated their first birthday last year with a massive sale in which everything was reduced to just £1. Yes, £1. No, that’s not a typo. Obviously the sale itself was a massive, online scrum: or so I hear, anyway – I stupidly decided to go out the night before, got back super-late (And, OK, a little the worse for wear), and so was still asleep when the emails announcing the start of the sale went out. I got online not long after that, but of course, by then it was all tumbleweed. This is how Outnet sales tend to go down. (It’s also how I came to own a pair of Louboutin Mad Mary’s that are a size too big for me. Ahem.)

Anyway! This year, in a bid to make things a little easier, The Outnet is restricting access to the sale to 2,000 people only. In order to have a chance of being one of the lucky ones, you have to first of all register with the site, if you haven’t already, and then go here to enter the draw. I actually wasn’t going to bother, because I generally have no luck with prize draws of this type (in fact, the only thing I ever won from a prize draw was… bacon and eggs. I swear I’m not making this up.), but of course I relented. Even if the chances of getting a ticket are slim, it’s well worth the few seconds it takes to enter, because to celebrate their second birthday, The Outnet is selling its sale stock for just £2 per item. (Do you see what they did there? This means that even if The Outnet is still celebrating its birthdays in this way in 100 years times, the price will STILL be much less than retail. I love The Outnet, I really do.)

Feeling lucky, punks?* Click here to enter.

*I have no idea why I called you all “punks”. Sorry.


  • So I’m heartbroken over this… after inviting over a 100 people (assuming this number, I was just inviting people like crazy for the past few hours) I realize that this contest does not apply to me since I’m in the USA… HEARTBROKEN!! Well if I get a ticket I’ll just give you the link, at least it would go to someone deserving.

    • Really? I just clicked and it redirected me to the US version of the site. (Where, incidentally, it’s a $2 sale, instead of £2.)

    • Aww, are you sure? I know last year it was a worldwide sale – and as Leigh says below, the dollar price was $1 rather than £1 – I know some people in the US who managed to buy things from it, so it would be so dissapointing if it was UK only 🙁 (That’s so incredibly sweet of you to offer your ticket, though – I really hope you’ll be able to use it yourself if you get one!)

      • okay I got it!! My location said the UK… o.O I have no idea why though, but I changed it now I was wondering why it was showing everywhere BUT north and south america… lol I tried to sign up again through the US link but it said I already joined so hopefully it counted all my invites. Good luck to everyone and thanks Leigh =]

  • Worth an entry…even though I too never win raffles. I didn’t even win the bird seed cake raffle at infants school….I must’ve been known for not winning anything too, because a teacher kept a bit back for me and gave it to me later. Don’t know why I was so obssessed with bird seed cake…it was only for the birds….I didn’t even have a bird table…just a cat!

    So does that mean that the 2000 who win can share the link with friends?

    • I would imagine it will be connected to your Outnet account, rather than being a link, although obviously I don’t know for sure. Technically that would mean you could just give your friends your log-in details if you got an invite, but my experience of Outnet sales is that everything will sell out within minutes of it going live, so you might not have time! I’m just not getting my hopes up… I think the odds are stacked against me with this, but of course, you never know!

      • I’ve had a quick scoot around to try and be super quick when the sale starts….then I remember it’s a raffle to get in to it so I may as well stop now! LOL!

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