Outnet Watching: Bargain shoes by Tabbitha Simmons and Jimmy Choo

Outnet Watching: it’s one of my favourite sports, and I do mean “sports” because you really have to have a quick trigger finger to be able to grab one of the items that appear at The Outnet: if you’re too slow on the ol’ mouse, you’re just going to miss out. I’m surprised gyms haven’t started to capitalize on that by offering Advanced Clicking Classes or something. (Note to self: patent that idea.)

Here are some of my top picks from the latest Outnet shoe delivery, and please bear in mind that I’m using the word “bargain” in the loosest possible sense, here…

Remember these babies? They’re Tabitha Simmons polka dot slingbacks, and I first showed you them back when they were £570. Now they’re £199. See? “Bargain.”

I also showed you these Jimmy Choo light-up heels, which have been seen, unsurprisingly, on Katy Perry. You all absolutely hated them. They were £1,495, but now they’re half-price at £747. Hey, I wonder why?

Still not keen on the Choos? OK, how about these Rupert Sanderson bow slingbacks?

Now £216 and, amazingly, still available in my size!

On a completely unrelated note, I really, really want these:

£95 Jackie O style Tom Ford sunglasses. Chances of them still being available by the time I get paid? I’m going to go with “Slimmer than one of Tom Ford’s runway models….”

Click here to shop the latest shoes.


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