Red velvet floral high sandals from Miss Selfridge

You know what? I absolutely LOVE Miss Selfridge at the moment. I realise this is hardly going to be breaking news for anyone who’s been reading this site regularly, and I also realise that the particular shoes pictured above will be a little too much for many of you, but still: for my money, Miss S is currently one of the best stores on the UK high street when it comes to my two very favourite fashion things – shoes and dresses. I could spend an absolute fortune there on those two items alone, but add in the cute knitwear and vintage-inspired pieces, and it’s basically shopping kryptonite, at a reasonably affordable price-point.

Over the past couple of years, Miss S has definitely becoming a little more experimental with footwear: the exaggerated bow platforms I’ve had my eye on for a while now are unlike anything else you’ll find on the high street, and I think these red velvet heels are pretty stand-out too, for all they’re basically a variation of the flower-fronted sandal we see so much of. The bright red colour and oversized flowers both contribute to that, giving these a very exaggerated look which may or may not look good on an actual foot. I’d love to try them on to find out: if you would, too, they’re Β£50 from Miss Selfridge.


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