Zara pin-heeled platform court shoes

Platform court shoes in red, black and grey

Despite my general dislike of winter fashion, I’m really loving Zara’s current Autumn/Winter collection. In fact, it makes me almost willing to accept that the summer-that-never-was is drawing to an end. (Almost, I said…)

And despite my general dislike of shoes with metal heels, I’m also really liking these platform court shoes. Yes, I’d like them even more if the heel was the same fabric as the upper, but they’re a gorgeous shape, especially for a high street brand, so I’d be willing to overlook it this once.

I like all three colours, but I’m currently obsessed with black pumps (I know, it surprised me too!) ,so while red would be my usual go-to colour, I’d probably pick the black version of these, if I had the choice.

Of course, you DO have the choice, and you can click here to make it: these are £39.99.


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