Shoeper Style Challenge | Red gingham circle skirt, three ways

red gingham circle skirt

Louche ‘Marge’ red gingham circle skirt, £45

If you read my other blog, you probably know by now that I’m just a little bit obsessed with gingham. And by “a little bit”, I mean “a big bit”. I’ve posted quite a few gingham looks lately, including one featuring my pink gingham  Primark skirt. I love that skirt, and know I’ll get lots of wear out of it this summer, but that doesn’t stop me also lusting after this red gingham circle skirt by Louche. It’s a little more expensive than my skirt, but it’s super cute, and in the kind of classic style you’ll be able to wear forever, so if you’re a fan of this kind of style, it could be a worthwhile investment.

To help you justify the purchase, here are three different ways to style the same red gingham circle skirt:

1. Casual

red gingham circle skirt: casual look

tee // sneakers // sunglasses // bag // watch

I really like the current trend for slogan t-shirts/sweaters with ladylike skirts. It’s an easy way to make a skirt like this more casual/contemporary, and it should be really comfortable, too.

2. Retro/classic

red gingham circle skirt: retro look

top // shoes // sunglasses

I think pretty much EVERY look that includes a red gingham circle skirt will probably end up looking fairly retro, but this look plays up the vintage appeal of the skirt with cat eye sunglasses, red lips and a bardot-style top.

3. Cute/kitsch

red gingham circle skirt: cute/kitsch look

shirt // shoes // bag // hairband // sunglasses 

Finally, a very cute/kitsch look with a very fresh, youthful feel to it. I love the skirt, but I also  really love this apple-shaped bag, and if you were expecting it to be Charlotte Olympia, and more than your monthly rent, you might be pleasantly surprised to hear that it’s by Ollie & Nic, and just £30. This is currently on sale, reduced from the regular price of £40, so if you love it too, now would be a good time to go for it.

How would you style this skirt?


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