Purple suede floral peep toes from Zara

I have a bit of an issue with shoes which have a large amount of embellishment on the heels. In fact, I’ll just say it: I always think they look a bit like they’re wearing a wig. Is that weird? Don’t answer that…

“Wig” issues aside, these purple suede peep toes have been calling to me for a while now. Purple suede does that, I find. While I do love the colour, however, I feel like the flowers look a bit like an afterthought, and that’s even more apparent on the beige version of these:

They seem just a little bit homemade, somehow, and I actually think I’d like the shoe better if was, er, bald, for want of a better word.

What about you? If you love them just as they are, click here: they’re £59.99 at Zara.


  • You are so right, the flowers definitely look like homemade – which could be nice, but in this case I didn’t like it very much… but the style of the shoes is nice (without the flowers, I mean)!

  • Ooh I quite like the flowers actually. I think it would look much better though if there a little more of them – say an extra 4 or 5 that ran down one side of the shoe. That would make much more of a statement and be less ‘wiggy’ lol

  • I actually own these shoes, in both colours (I liked them that much). I was waiting for you to show them:) They are much prettier in real life though, however they are insanely high, even for me (I like sky-high stilletos just as much as you do) so I’m keeping them for special occasions only…

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