Polka dot bow shoes by Not Rated

polka dot bow shoes

polka dot bow shoes

polka dot bow shoes

Polka dot bow shoes by Not Rated, $44.99

That sound you just heard? That was me shrieking in delight at the sight of these polka dot bow shoes. And honestly, I barely even need to tell you WHY at this point, do I? The name in the title says it all, really: polka dot. Bow. Shoes. Oh yeah: and the bow actually has stripes on it, too. And they’re only $44.99. It’s almost as if someone sent these purely to tempt me, isn’t it? (It probably would’ve worked, too, if they didn’t have to be shipped from the US…)

In all honestly, these shoes are so very “cutesy” they’re veering dangerously close to being totally twee. If you love all things dotted, however, they’re pretty hard to fault: they even have smaller pin-dots on the inner lining. I wrote earlier this week about how well a red, white and black colour-scheme works on a shoe, and these are another great example of that: at first glance they look pretty “loud”, but the mostly white upper will make them very easy to wear with lots of other colours, and there’s just enough red to brighten them up.

If you want to go for that perfect pin-up girl style, these would be the perfect shoes to wear with a 50s style prom or wiggle dress – and if IT has polka dots, too, well, so much the better. Should you be worried about turning into one giant, dotted cliché, however, they’re a style that will translate just as easily to a more modern outfit, and be a really easy way to add a touch of personality to some simple basics. One thing’s for sure, though: however you want to wear these, they WILL steal most of the attention. Not bad for a pair of shoes that cost less than $50, huh?

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  • Oh Gosh, these are almost too pretty to be real. I fear, though, that if I purchased them I would have to pay horrendous taxes like the time I bought something from Modcloth. Maybe there’s a European retailer? I should go investigate. These are just so darn pretty…

  • I am officially psyched. I bought this shoes (on sale!) at DSW back in June. Mine are black with white polka dots and stripes, though. They are really comfortable (but they do run just a tad large) and have gotten a good amount of use from me. If possible, I like these ones more. The color combo is more summery and right now, with still more snow on the forecast, I’m in the need for a bit of summer.

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