Heroes or Villains? Unicorn Princess heels from Modcloth

unicorn-princessHmmm. The words “unicorn” and “princess” in the name of these shoes certainly appeals to the part of me that’s secretly still only 6 years old, and dreaming of being a Disney princess when she grows up. And the nude colour works for me too, obviously. (See: nude shoes, my current obsession with) As for the rest, though, I’m not so sure. The unicorn horn heel, and ruffles around the ankle definitely make these shoes stand out, but do they stand out for good reasons or for bad ones?

I’m going to let you be the judge of that. If you love them, though, but them now for $119 at Modcloth.


  • I like the color. I like the ruffle. I even kind of like the unicorn heel. But the ruffle & the heel together on one shoe definitely make this look too OTT for my taste.

    On the other hand, they would probably be perfect for someone wanting to dress up as Barbie for a costume party.

  • take off the ruffles and I heart them. Infact, if they were cheaper, I would buy them and take off the ruffles myself. I love an interesting heel.

  • I love them! I think all the detailing is okay since they are in a muted color. If they were bright pink, they would definately be over-the-top.

  • I want to dislike these, because they are awfully costumey, but I just can’t. They’re adorable and so very princess-like. I can’t think of any situation I would wear these, but I’m sure it would involve singing animals and perhaps a wicked stepmother.

  • I’d take either just the ruffle or just the unicorn heel… especially the heel… and love them to death. Together, however, it’s just a whole lotta look (to quote the legend).

  • They escaped the “The Little Mermaid – Broadway Musical” Wardrobe. Some poor actrice is going crazy right now…

  • I LOVE these shoes, I debating if I should buy them now or wait for them to go on sale although I’m worried that modcloth.com will run out of stock. I know that people think that they look very costumey, however with the right outfit they would look so chic.

  • I love them. Well, the first thing I saw was the ruffles and I’m just a straight-up sucker for ruffles. And the heels put me off a tad, but not enough to make me dislike them.

  • Wow, they honestly took my breath away (in a good way!) the first time I saw them! I love shoes that are completely unconventional!!


  • I bought these on sale at browns shoe store for sixty dollars(marked down twice from $150) and i find them totally adorable i am going to pair them with a little simple black dress and wear them out to dinner with my fiance 🙂

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