Eeek! Poetic Licence ‘Romance’ peep toe brogues

poetic-licence-peep-toe-bro“Hmmm. We want to make a pair of brogues, but brogues can be kinda sensible, can’t they? A bit granny-ish. I know! We’ll give them a pink high heel! Girls love pink! And a frill! We’ll add a random frilly bit to the front! That’s sure to work. Maybe silver, say? And what the hell, we’ll give them a peep toe. Even boots have peep toes now, so that MUST be popular. Et voila!”

Or at least, that’s how I assume the thought process that was responsible for the creation of these Poetic Licence brogues went. They’re true Frankenshoes, looking like they’ve been pieced together from the bodies of other pieces of footwear. Bizarre, no?

Still, there’s no accounting for taste, and if yours runs to pink/brown/black/silver brogues, you can buy these ones for $79 at Poetic Licence.


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