ALDO Mcintyde Glitter Bow Heeled Shoes

Gold glitter playform shoes with bow

I’m not sure why, but after years of telling myself that I really mustn’t buy any more pairs of party shoes (especially ones with lots of glitter or sequins on them!), I’ve suddenly found myself desperately wanting a pair of totally OTT party shoes: the type that you’d never find a reason to wear in day to day life, but which would be absolutely perfect on a big night out. A pair of shoes a bit like these ‘Mcintyde’ shoes from Aldo, basically.

The gold glitter uppers combined with 5″ heel and high platform make these real show-stoppers, but if you like your shoes to be “sweet” rather than “sexy”, well, there is a cute little bow on the front, for all of the difference it makes.

I feel like dancing now. If you do too, these are £85 at ASOS: click here to buy them.


  • awww those are nice party shoes, I’ll tell you the same thing I tell my girl friend…I say ( If you really like them and you can ware them somewhere more than 3 times? buy them, have fun and feel sexy… never regret getting them oh! and if you can’t see your self with them on at 90, also buy them, your young only once and life is short.

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