Poetic Licence ‘Dazzling’ satin peep toes with rosette

I couldn’t decide which colour I liked these Poetic Licence shoes in best, so I’m showing you them all (with the exception of the black versions, which I’m sure you can picture for yourselves, even if you can’t be bothered clicking through to Endless.com to take a look at them) and letting you decide for yourselves.

There’s something very decadent about these shoes, somehow: I think it’s the bright colour mixes and the satin uppers, combined with the little flower-topped rosettes. I can imagine them being worn with brightly coloured ball gowns, in the court of some foreign prince, but that’s probably just me getting carried away again.

Which is your favourite colour? On reflection, I think I’d definitely go for the yellow….


  • Before I read the whole post, I thought about picking the yellow too! The colors match! And the black rosette is the one net-a-porter sends to clients… I have some things (I)made out of that ribbon! 😉 (like tiaras, rosettes for a dress, so on!) It would match once more!

  • OU I love colourful satin shoes! They look a bit funny in the pic (the inside pattern is kinda playing tricks with my brain), but I think they would look very lovely on an actual foot. I’d prolly go with all 3 of them, they’re so fun!

  • I would go for the blue/purple pair but the yellow pair is also a really nice colour, I just don’t wear much yellow. And I hate orange so the pink/orange is out for me. They are all pretty shoes though.

  • I have these in yellow, and they’re so bright and beautiful (brighter than they look in the picture, actually). I’ve never received so many compliments on anything in my life, even from random strangers on the street! They’re definitely shoes that stand out.

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