Pink and silver contrast court sandals from New Look

This is another shoe shape that’s proved popular over the past year or so. I really like the pink and silver colour mix on these, and I’m starting to love the shape too. This is another case of “I’d have to see them in person”, though, because this image does make the materials look a little cheap – perhaps unsurprisingly, given that they only cost £20!

Willing to give them a chance? Get them here.


  • I picked these up in new look in Bournemouth last weekend and LOVED them. As always though, they only had them in a size 8.

      • They are just as comfy as a £70 pair of Topshop ones that I own that are exactly the same style. I don’t know what’s happened to New Look but their shoes are so much better quality and cheaper – perhaps they’ve changed their supplier or something.

  • My friend was going to buy them in black but without trying them on (it was a tiresome boot/sock combo that put her off for the nth time!) so I offered to try them on in my size to let her know how they felt…….

    ..they looked bloomin’ awful! Gorgeous without a foot in them but from the top looking down they were ‘orrible!! All subjective though, others may love them!

    • Ah, I suspect a lot of these kind of boots/sandals are probably of the “must be tried on first” variety! They do look like the kind of thing that could look completely different on a foot!

  • I love these shoes and want them so bad! I think they’re beautiful! Does anyone still sell them? I went to the website and couldn’t find them. However, I can see I’m a few years late. :/

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