People’s Choice Awards: Sandra Bullock in Brian Atwood’s Maniac pumps

Sandra Bullock Brian Atwood pumps

Now, you COULD say that Sandra Bullocks’s shoes were one of the more boring choices for the People’s Choice Awards, but I, of course, would have to argue with you there, because they’re one of my favourite colours (or lack or colours), by one of my favourite designers (Brian Atwood), so naturally, I love them.

These are Atwood’s ‘Maniac’ pumps, and they’re currently sold out, which is probably a good thing for my bank balance. I think they were a good choice to go with Sandra Bullock’s dress – take a look and see if you agree:

Sandra Bullock People's Choice Awards


  • I really dislike the bleakness of the dress (nude doesn’t work on clothes, in my opinion) and the synchronised feeling of having the dress and the shoes in the exact same colour. The shoes are gorgeous though, but would’ve worked better with another colour dress.

    • I really like the dress, but don’t think the shoes are the exact same colour – they look like they’re trying to be the same colour but failing, which is worse. Otherwise I agree.

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