Paul & Joe Sister black ‘Dahlia’ sandals with bow and t-bar

I love t-bars and I love bows, so naturally a pair of shoes featuring a t-bar strap with a bow attached to it is always going to be getting the thumbs up from me. This is a particularly cute little bow, too, with the silver-lined black leather providing a dressy feel, which makes me want to take these shoes dancing.

Those of you who shudder at the sight of all of those skyscraper heels and platforms that are still such a huge trend at the moment (one day historians will look back at the first years of this decade and think women were all giantesses), will also no doubt be pleased to hear that these come with a fairly modest 2.1″ heel, which is high enough to flatter the leg (and provide a bit of arch support), but not so high that you’ll need to get the stepladders out to get in and out of them. Proof that you don’t need giant heels to create a cute shoe!

These are by Paul & Joe Sister, and are £244 at Spartoo.


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