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Having a proper skin care routine is one of the most essential acts of self-care that you can introduce into your daily habits. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and deserves to be properly taken care of.

A basic skin care routine should consist of a few steps and should be divided by morning/night:

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Morning routine

Step 1: Cleanser

It’s extremely important to remove your makeup every day and wash your face. You can start your morning by rinsing your skin with only warm water or a gentle cleanser. Try to make sure it matches your skin type.

Step 2: Toner

Most people overlook this step since it seems irrelevant or less important than the other ones. They might also think they are harsh on the skin and more irritating since they’re in liquid form. Toners have many benefits and contain various antioxidants, vitamins and toning acids. Every toner has different properties which are why it should be chosen based on your skin type and the sensitivity of it. Toners main task is to help return the skin’s pH after it becomes too basic from different soaps. Be careful not to use toners that are alcohol-based since they can dry out the skin by stripping its protective oils.

Step 3: Vitamin C Serum 

Vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis, is incredibly hydrating, helps fade hyperpigmentation and reduces the skin’s dullness. It also protects against sun damage and soothes sunburns. It’s best to use it in small amounts and always do a patch test before application. This can also be used at night depending on your preferences.

Step 4: Eye Cream

Eye creams help to nourish the skin, keep it moisturised and prevents dullness. They also help fight puffiness every morning and brighten the under eyes. It isn’t always necessary, but the collagen in the creams helps maintain skin’s elasticity.

Step 5: Spot Treatment 

This is typically used on acne-prone skin and contains acne-fighting ingredients that directly sink into the blemish. Treatments help reduce swelling, redness and pain while also fighting bacteria. They can also help loosen or dissolve blockage in pores.

Step 6: Moisturiser

It boots the hydration in your skin, prevents dullness, flaking, and creates a layer of moisture that last a long time. When it’s properly applied, it also helps work with anti-aging products. It maintains the skin’s balance and shouldn’t leave it feeling too oily or too dry.

Step 7: Sunscreen

Sunscreen protects the skin against sunburn and harmful UV rays. It reduces the appearance of sun damage, discolourations and dark spots. If you have oilier skin, you might want to skip using moisturising and only use sunscreen since it typically features a moisturising base.

Night routine

Step 1: Makeup remover

Removing your makeup before bed is extremely crucial. It removes impurities and dirt from your skin, reduces the risk of unwanted skin blemishes, promotes cellular renewal and eliminates dead skin build-up. Never go to bed without washing it off!

Step 2: Double cleanser

This involves using two steps to cleanse the face: the first one is using makeup remover, the second is a facial cleanser or oil that removes the rest of the makeup and dirt remaining. It prepares your skin for the following skin care steps and leaves it very clean.

Step 3: Toner

Toner should also be used in your nightly routine after cleansing. After cleansing your face thoroughly, its balance can be thrown off, which is why a toner helps it to return to normal. It also removes the rest of what the makeup remover and cleanser didn’t wash off.

Step 4: Eye cream

Eye cream should be used both in the morning and at night. It’s even better to use it at night since it gives your skin time to absorb it. Eye creams are amazing after a long busy day to help rejuvenate the under eye area. They are also quite thick in consistency.

Step 5: Serum/Treatments

Many people use skin serums and AHA/BHA acids for exfoliation. They aren’t as harsh as manual scrubs, gently remove dead skin cells and even out dark spots or hyperpigmentation. If you have more mature skin, it’s highly recommended you incorporate this step into your routine. Acne treatments are also commonly used before bed.

Step 6: Mask

An amazing treat for your skin is a face mask. It’s super relaxing and also nourishes and pampers your skin. You leave it on for about 15-20 minutes and either rinse or peel it off. This process is usually repeated once or twice a week.

Step 7: Oil

There are so many different oils to use that are extremely beneficial to the skin. Some are anti-inflammatory and rich in proteins (almond oil), some are more moisturising and used for multi-purposes (coconut oil), and some give your skin a glow (argan oil). They should be used in a small amount to avoid breaking you out.

Step 8: Night cream

The final step to your daily skin care routine should be a thick night cream, especially if you have dry or mature skin. It locks in your skin’s moisture and leaves it looking and feeling healthy. It also boosts collagen in your skin.

Why is toning so important?

Toning can seem unnecessary compared to most steps in a skincare routine. It’s actually one of the most important and makes the most significant difference in the long run. Not only does it keep your skin’s pH stable, but it also regulates sebum production and deeply cleanses the skin. It can also refresh and soothe your skin, especially in the form of a mist. It doesn’t have to be explicitly used in the morning or night- you can spray it on throughout the day.

Why should you switch to organic cosmetics?

Using all-natural products is better for your skin and the environment. Toxins found in many ingredients can be extremely harmful to the skin and worsen its condition. Organic products use only beneficial and safe ingredients while also being eco-friendly and cruelty-free. The superior ingredients in organic products won’t work aggressively on the skin and are always top-quality.

Top picks:

Annmarie- Neroli Toning Mist

An amazing organic toner made for sensitive skin. It contains only organic aloe vera juice, which is very soothing for the skin, aspen bark, which works gently and is a natural preservative, and neroli essential oil that has antibacterial properties. The ingredients all work well for acne prone skin. Its smell is light and sweet. The product adds the perfect amount of moisture and absorbs very quickly.

True Botanicals- Clear Nutrient Anti-Acne Organic Toner

This toner was created for acne-prone and problematic skin. It has oil-fighting ingredients as well as hydrating ingredients like white tea, green tea, black willow bark, apple cider vinegar, sandalwood water, aloe, lavender, and milk thistle. Your skin will feel amazingly clean, clear and soft after using this. You also don’t have to worry about it irritating the skin.

Rose Mira- Tamil Sandalwood Stimulating Organic Toner

The smell of this toner is absolutely beautiful. It’s formulated for dry and mature skin types and does a fantastic job at clarifying, brightening, and softening dull complexions. The frankincense oil and sandalwood rejuvenate tired skin and aloe soothes it. It also contains some black pepper essential oil and fights bacteria that causes acne.

Dr Alkaitis- Organic Herbal Toner

This organic toner is made with 100% organically grown and all-natural ingredients. Its formula is great, containing witch hazel, aloe, grape alcohol, yerba mate, lavender, mint, rosemary, and many other herbs. It hydrates and feels the skin feeling toned, soft, and illuminated. Nothing beats this formula.

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Acure Organics- Radically Rejuvenating Organic Facial Toner

An affordable organic toner that is USDA certified. It contains 100% organic ingredients like rose water, chamomile, witch hazel, rooibos leaf, calendula, and vegetable glycerin. These ingredients make the product safe for all skin types, especially oily and sensitive skin. It also removes excess dirt and leaves the skin’s pH balanced.

French Girls Organic- Rose du Jardin Floral Organic Toner 

This 100% natural and organic toner contains ingredients like rose, orange blossom, witch hazel, and lemon verbena. It works well to restore the pH of the skin and calms inflammation while also adding moisture. It’s great to use before makeup and can be misted on the face throughout the day. A good idea would be to leave this in the fridge for a cooling mist.

Eminence Organics- Wild Plum Tonique

Its simple formula is made from wild plum juice and salicylic acid. The acid gently exfoliates and smooths the skin’s surface while the plum juice soothes and brightens the skin. It’s great for those who have both dry skin and a dull complexion. Those with oily skin will also be satisfied with the effect thanks to the salicylic acids which unclogs pores.

Laurel Whole Plant Organics- Organic Facial Elixir Toner 

This toner has a unique formula and great for oily skin. It doesn’t dry out or strip the skin of its natural oils. The toner gently balances the skin’s oil production while adding a lot of hydration. Most of its ingredients contain 99% organic plants. It also works well for those with acne, rosacea, or dermatitis. The plant’s nourish, soothe, and won’t harm problematic skin.

Earth Tu Face- Organic Rose + Aloe Toning Mist

A simple organic toner made with gentle ingredients like rose water, aloe, witch hazel and essential oils of rose, rose geranium and lavender. The formula smells amazing and treats both oily and dry skin. The rose and rose geranium combo work as oil balancers and are balanced with the help of the other ingredients (aloe soothes and witch hazel is an astringent)

Cocovit- Organic Coconut Hydro-Mist Toner

A very hydrating toner that is made with Cocovit’s signature pure, raw, and organic coconut water and coconut oil. Some other ingredients include aloe, honeysuckle flower, dead sea salt and witch hazel. It is perfect to carry in your bag and to keep it around at all times. The consistency is very light, and the smell is refreshing. It’s especially great to use during the summer.

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