How to Sell Beauty Products from Home

Why Start a Beauty Product Selling Business?

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There are many powders, foundations, blushes and a lot of other products available in the market. Since the beauty industry is so popular, it’s a good field for people to start their own makeup and beauty products business from their homes and make a profit. 

Selling makeup and beauty products from home can be very financially rewarding if you’re successful. When starting this type of business, it is usually best to start with a few products and expand as you begin to gain popularity and clients. 

You could begin with any product – a blush or lipstick. You need to decide how you want your makeup and beauty products line to be, so you know what to produce and keep in stock. 

Before you actually start selling, you need to properly research the products you want to stock so that you can provide the best possible customer service. You don’t need any qualifications to start this business, just experience and some basic business knowledge. You also have to look out for licenses or permits that you may be required to obtain by your state. This part is very important so you don’t face any law problems. 

Next, you must approach the companies that need direct sales agents or multi-level marketers. The businesses that these companies carry out are fairly regulated by the law so you are not taking any business risks.

Selling beauty products from home requires a mixture of basic marketing techniques, business and psychology. You must learn how to stand out and use sales techniques that make your business unique. 

Sell beauty products online

Selling your cosmetic products online gives your brand more exposure and puts your products in front of a lot of shoppers, which can increase sales. To get started, you need to have an easy to use website where you can display your products, and get a secure online payment platform.

  • Consider setting up a PayPal account before you get started – PayPal is one of the main platforms used for receiving payments online. It’s a secure option that provides buyer and seller protection. Set up a Paypal account ahead of time and verify it to for smooth transactions.
  • Provide details – before anyone buys your products, they’ll want to know as much as possible about it. You can make this easy for them by providing great detailed product descriptions. Be thorough with your details to help your potential customers make a choice.
  • Take photos in natural light or a well-lit area – try not to over-edit photos. Giving potential buyers a good idea of your product is a great way to close a sale. If you don’t have an area with lots of natural lighting, get a well-lit room with good lamps. Take multiple photos from different angles, and make sure to show any defects or product usage. Most importantly, do not alter the color if you edit the photos. 
  • Set competitive prices – compare your prices to the prices of your competition. Overpricing your makeup is a terrible and guaranteed way to drive away potential buyers. Setting slightly cheaper prices will help you sell your products.

Practice Link Selling

Tying or linking multiple products together produces a sales synergy and can potentially lead to higher profits. This sales technique works best during makeover sessions but it is also effective during general makeup consultations. The goal here is to encourage customers to purchase additional products that enhance an intended purchase or are needed as part of a set. For example, a customer interested in purchasing a foundation should be encouraged to purchase a makeup base to help prepare the skin, a powder to set the foundation and other makeup that blends with the foundation selected.

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Always learn to follow-up

Whenever you sell your products to someone, you should try your best to follow the customer up to see if they are having any problems with the product or if they need any help. This would help you to grow your home business and helps maintain the same customers. Establishing basic follow-up techniques helps increase the bond the customer feels toward the brand, which allows for new sales opportunities and develops a proper feedback mechanism. Follow-ups may be established after a purchase to ensure the customer is satisfied with his or her purchases.

Consider Giveaways

Giveaways are a good practice that helps you promote your business to a large extent, especially on social media. Social networking sites are definitely one of the most effective ways to reach your customers. Host a product giveaway and promote it on your blog or on your social media platforms. To qualify for entry, customers can be told to write reviews about your products or similar information. Select three type of winners: a grand-prize winner, a first-place winner, and a runner-up. The grand prize winner can be given some of your beauty products and the other winners can win other options. Have winners document and share their experiences with your products and post their insights to your blog, website or social media. 

Check to See if Your Business is Available

Make sure that you first see if your business name is available, as you could receive a cease and desist letter if you use a name that is already taken or used. You can easily search business names to see the availability of yours. 

Be Active on Social Media

Your beauty products should be known on all social media platforms. This is the best way to get through to a lot of potential customers. Conduct research about your target audience to see how they consume information and what social platforms they use. In doing so, you will know where to focus the most energy and time on. Don’t forget about hashtags and keywords! 

Always focus on your target audience – if your website is focused on natural cosmetics, don’t spam your audience with pictures of natural cosmetics and nothing more. It’s a better idea to mix pictures of nature and website links in with helpful organic makeup blog posts, video tutorials, personal stories, and other types of valuable content that has to do with your brand. 

Offer free makeovers

If you offer consultations or free makeovers, this will help distinguish your brand and bring you more leads as well. This practice will definitely boost your home beauty business. Offering free makeovers to your clients create an immediate connection between you and the client and this can lead to higher sales. Customers are more likely to make a purchase when they use or experience a product for themselves. Transforming someone with a new blush, mascara and lipstick requires a small investment in products but can result in a higher per purchase total and repeat sales.


Ask for referrals

Not everyone will be interested in what you are selling, but don’t be thrown off and don’t lose hope. If someone declines your offer, you could ask them if he or she knows someone who the product can benefit. You’d be surprised by how many people can possibly fancy your product. Another way to ask for referrals is from someone using the products, enjoying them and being satisfied with them.  Ask them if they would be open to introducing you to people in their network who are interested in what you’re offering. A third way to work with referrals is to partner up with fellow entrepreneurs who would be open to a business exchange. For instance, they refer people to you and you refer people to them. You should know that product marketing is not for the faint of heart. You have to keep trying if you want to achieve success in the long run. By choosing to sell cosmetics and beauty products, you are already onto a profitable niche, you only have to stick to the tips listed above and very soon, your home cosmetic business would start paying the bills.


Selling beauty products is a great option for a business. Make sure you do your research beforehand and maybe even speak with professionals on how to further your business. Also, create a budget and keep an eye on startup costs – always plan your strategy ahead of time. While it does take some hard work, it will definitely worth it – working for yourself, being independent, setting your own hours, and enjoying discounts on some of your favorite products are only a few benefits.

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