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Did you know that our skin is the body’s largest organ? Everything you put on it gets absorbed and even ends up in your bloodstream. Over 60% of chemicals from cosmetics end up flowing through your blood and can be harmful to your body depending on the type of products you use. It’s really important that you use only safe ingredients and make sure to always double check what you apply to your skin.

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When it comes to makeup products, there are a few basic categories:

  1. Foundation– one of the most basic elements of a makeup look. Foundation evens out the skin tone and creates a base for other makeup products. You should always match your foundation to your skin’s needs. For example, if you have more dry skin, use a moisturising foundation, while those with oily skin should aim towards matte foundations. Sensitive skin requires very delicate formulas made up of the least amount of ingredients.
  1. Primer– this product prepares your skin for foundation and other products that will be applied on top of it. It helps keep them on all day and keeps the skin less oily and more hydrated. There are many different types of primer; some are used to minimise the appearance of pores, others to illuminate and keep the skin glowy.
  1. Concealer– similar to foundation, concealer also comes in many different formulas. Its general goal is to cover dark under eye circles and brighten up the eye area. Concealer is also used to cover blemishes and imperfections; this type of concealer typically has a thicker formula.
  1. Powder- powder sets any “wet” products such as foundation, concealer or any liquid blushes or bronzers. It gives the face a nice, smooth finish and keeps everything in place. It also minimises the appearance of pores.
  1. Blush- there’s nothing like rosy cheeks. Blush gives the face some colour and gives a fresh, healthy look. It makes your skin look more youthful and typically comes in pink and peach shades.
  2. Highlighter– highlighter makes a face look glowy and illuminated. It comes in mostly gold or champagne colours and is applied to the high points of the face: the bridge of the nose, sides of the forehead, cheekbones and cupid’s bow.
  3. Bronzer- another product that adds colour and dimension to the face. It’s used to contour the face and makes it appear slimmer.
  4. Eyeshadow– it comes in hundreds of colours and formulas and is used to give the eyelids some colour and dimension. It brings out the eye colour and gives the lids a subtle glow or shimmer finish. Glitter eyeshadow is also an amazing option that looks jaw-dropping. foundation brushes
  5. Mascara- it’s used to lengthen, volumise, darken and curl the eyelashes. It’s also one of the most used makeup products and comes in a variety of formulas and brush shapes. Tiny fibres in mascara attach to the lashes and elongate them.
  6. Eyeliner- they come in darker shades like black or dark brown, but can also come in more colourful shades. It’s used to define the eye shape or give it a specific look such as a cat eye. It also enhances the colour of the eyes.
  7. Lipstick– lipstick is usually applied at the very end of a makeup look and defines the shape and size of the lips. The iconic red lip is quite popular amongst lip colours and looks very classy and polished. Lip glosses are also a great option and leave your lips shiny and moisturised.

Foundation- what does it do?

Foundation is a multi-coloured makeup applied to the face to create a uniform complexion to cover imperfections, flaws, and sometimes to change the natural skin tone. Foundation can even be applied to the body and is referred to as “body painting”. Foundation has been around for hundreds of years and was even used in Ancient Egypt. The colour of a foundation may be identified by a name, number, letter, or a combination of the three. Cosmetic companies classify their foundations Warm, Neutral or Cool based on matching the skin tone of the wearer. There are also different types of coverage that foundations offer:

  • Light- it covers unevenness but doesn’t cover everything, such as freckles or extreme dark spots.
  • Sheer- this is the least amount of possible coverage and only gives the face a hint of colour.
  • Medium- this type of foundation contains 18-23% pigment. It covers mostly everything: freckles, acne, most scars, blemishes and redness.
  • Heavy/Full- this type is very pigmented and opaque. It’s used to cover more problematic areas like birthmarks, hyperpigmentation and scars.

When it comes to application, foundation is typically applied with brushes, sponges or fingers. A sponge and fingers create a more natural look, while a brush gives a bit more coverage and doesn’t soak up as much product in comparison to a sponge. The formula of foundation can be water-based, oil-based, silicone-based or powder-based.

Why go organic?

Harmful ingredients found in most liquid foundations can be bad for your skin and worsen its condition in the long run. It’s important to know the dangers of some chemicals and stop using them immediately. Natural products are also eco-friendly and so much better for the environment. They’re mostly cruelty-free and contain only ingredients that help keep the skin healthy.

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Product recommendations

Here are a few of our best choices for when it comes to the best organic liquid foundations:

Alima Pure

A certified B-corp that produces only organic products. It contains ingredients like sage water, chamomile flower extract, and shea butter. They offer ten shades and are great for any skin type. The foundation gives a beautiful velvety finish. It contains zero preservatives and the company never tests on animals.

Fitglow beauty 

This plant-based foundation contains only amazing ingredients for healthy skin: vitamin C, seaweed brighteners, beta-carotene, and botanical hyaluronic acid. It boosts the skin’s ability to diminish spots, freckles, sun damage, scars, hyperpigmentation and gives the skin more elasticity. In general, it improves the skin tone, reduces inflammation, and adds smoothness.

Au Naturale Cosmetics 

A 100% natural, vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free and paraben-free. This company is revolutionizing the cosmetics industry and pushing towards a future with more natural and safe ingredients. Their foundation comes in 15 universal shades and is always organic and non-nano. It doesn’t contain any harsh preservatives, parabens or fillers. The foundation gives the skin a smooth, blurred finish and soothes the skin thanks to its nourishing ingredients.

Juice Beauty 

This certified organic liquid foundation that has eco-friendly packaging and isn’t tested on animals. The foundation gives a flawless finish while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. It comes in 11 different shades and has a buildable formula. It also contains ingredients like aloe leaf juice, coconut, and safflower seed oil. The final effect is glowy, natural and youthful.

Plain Jane Beauty 

This brand’s mission is to create eco-friendly makeup products for all skin tones and types. Their liquid foundation is all-natural, made in the USA, vegan, and contains no preservatives. The formula contains anti-aging ingredients and certified organic oils that don’t clog pores or cause irritation. It comes in 17 shades that are cool, warm and neutral. The foundation only enhances your natural skin tone and evens it out beautifully.


Their foundation has minimalist, eco-friendly packaging and is certified vegan. It nourishes the skin and contains 85% organic ingredients including plants, herbs, botanicals like coconut, cranberry seeds and rose hip. Their formula has only natural dyes and comes in 9 shades. Only a small pump is needed to cover and hydrate the whole face.

W3ll People 

A 100% natural and organic foundation that has an intensely pigmented formula with plant-based ingredients. Some ingredients include aloe, organic chamomile, and zinc. It can be used as a concealer for spot correction or an all-around foundation. All eight shades give a flawless colour match and blend into the skin seamlessly.

Jane Iredale

The Liquid Minerals A Foundation is one of the most popular organic liquid foundations on the market. It gives the skin a healthy glow while also being hydrating. It provides a sheer to medium coverage and is absolutely buildable. Its colour has just the right amount of pigment and naturally evens out the skin tone. It is also wheat-free and vegan.


Their hydrating foundation is lightweight, creamy and blends effortlessly to cover imperfections. It comes in ten flexible shades that match most skin tones. Its formula is buildable but still looks natural on the skin. It’s also incredibly moisturising thanks to the sodium hyaluronate that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and smoothes the skin.


A long-lasting foundation that blends perfectly into the skin and leaves a velvet finish. It’s cruelty-free and doesn’t contain any sulfates SLS, parabens, coal tar, or oxybenzone. It actually has less than one percent of synthetic fragrances. It’s a universal foundation, so it works well with all skin types.

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Their soft focus foundation enhances the skin’s best features and covers imperfections. It offers a satin finish with buildable to full coverage. It’s best for combination, normal, and sensitive skin types. Some of the ingredients include tulsi, lotus and frankincense that soothe and protect the skin.

Hush + Dotti

An aloe-based organic foundation that is both lightweight and feels luxurious on the skin. It definitely won’t clog pores and gives the best effect when used with a brush or sponge. It also works best on dry skin. The foundation blends easily, smells amazing and covers most imperfections without feeling cakey and heavy on the skin.

RMS Beauty

Their unique “Un” Cover-up can be used as a liquid foundation or concealer. It covers redness, blemishes, and blends seamlessly into the skin. It never looks heavy or dry and creates an even, flawless base. It also moisturises and heals the skin which helps keep it healthy. It’s highly recommended you use an organ moisturiser under this foundation.

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