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Who doesn’t love receiving a big box of cosmetics every month? With subscription beauty boxes, a package of handpicked products is delivered to your door every month. You don’t have to think about ordering new products continuously. It’s a great deal because not only is cheaper it also offers you a variety of amazing products to test out and introduces you to brands you didn’t know about before.

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What is a subscription box? 

Subscription boxes are a recurring delivery of niche products and vary in both cost and frequency. Boxes expose clients to new products and are proven to be a successful marketing tool. It is estimated that there are around 400 to 600 different kinds of subscription boxes available to order with worldwide shipping. These boxes are often ordered just to sample products and test them out. It’s common that they help buyers discover a new brand through a specific product or are exposed to a less known indie brand. The products we receive all depends on the type of box we order and which niche products we would like to get. Some subscription boxes allow you to choose what you’ll receive, usually by asking a few questions, but most of the time the products are random and not known beforehand.

Organic beauty  

More and more brands are becoming aware of the benefits of organic beauty products and how most products available on the market are filled with toxins and harsh ingredients. It’s better to switch to the natural beauty products and not worry about the chemicals in what you put on your skin. Organic beauty subscription boxes will be a huge help and will definitely make your life easier. These subscriptions offer DIY, vegan, cruelty-free, and natural beauty skin care products.

  1. My Lemon Crate

The price of this box starts at $29.00 a month. This is a DIY beauty box that comes with all of the supplies and ingredients needed to create your own cosmetics or you can just choose 4-5 wellness products. They have many bath products, pampering skincare items and essential oils available. They ship worldwide between the 6-8th of every month.

  1. Feeling Fab- A Box of Wellness, Self-Love and Self-Care

This box has been featured by beauty gurus on Forbes, Buzzfeed, and Huffington Post. They are specialists in holistic wellness items. The box features 5-7 vegan, cruelty-free, natural products that make you feel good. The products work best when combined with a healthy lifestyle. They even offer surprise items such as handcrafted jewellery, crystals, candles and accessories. Sometimes they even add stress-reducing tools. The price of this box is $28.99 a month and ships worldwide on the 10-12th of every month. The way it works for most of the ideas

  1. VertueBox

An amazing cruelty-free option for lovers of eco-friendly, vegan products. They guarantee 100% natural and organic products, featuring hair care, skincare, bath and aromatherapy. They offer international delivery and free UK delivery, award-winning brands, luxury products and a loyalty programme. The price every two months £37.00.

  1. Three Notes Skincare

This all-natural skincare box costs $49.95 a month. It’s explicitly blended for your skin type and needs. Every box includes a toner, cleanser, moisturiser and natural ingredients like coconut oil, essential oils, aloe and tea leaves. Each product is packed with vitamins, fights acne, treats dry skin, and rejuvenates it. The biggest plus is that it ships worldwide within 2-3 days after ordering.

  1. The Just Because Box

A special hand-box includes 3-4 handmade, all-natural products. Boxes typically hold body butter, oils, bath bombs, room sprays, soy candles and gels. They ship to the U.S. and Canada on the 1st of every month. They also offer handmade gifts as well- a great present idea for your loved ones.

  1. Therabox

A subscription box curated by therapists to reduce stress and increase joy through self-love. Every box contains 6-8 self-care products (i.e. natural bath and body products, aromatherapy and other lifestyle goodies). The boxes retail value is over $100, but you can subscribe to the box for only $30.99 a month.

  1. Green Spa Box

This box offers the lowest price, for only $13.70 a month, but only ships to the United States (free shipping is included). It contains stress reducing, cruelty-free, natural products that help boost your mood during a hectic day. There are five travel-size products in the box selected by experts. They offer a step-by-step guide on how to use the products and sometimes even add a mystery gift.

  1. Yellow Hippie

Yellow hippie offers 3-5 full-size products every month that are eco-friendly, high quality and effective. The ingredients are all simple and handmade in small batches. They are free of harsh chemicals and scented with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. Some examples of products include body lotions, shower gels, energising body sprays, and face cleansers. The price is $26.66 per box and ships worldwide on the 15th of each month.

  1. Sudzly

Sudzly focuses on organic and all-natural products. They include zero dyes, fragrances or toxic ingredients. Their soaps are made with 85% organic ingredients and have only carefully selected products from local artisans across the US. You don’t have to worry about using harmful products on your skin with their box. Some favourites include their Organic Soap Box, Bath Bomb Box, Beginner Bliss and the new Spa Box. The cost is $16.66 a month, and they only ship within the US.

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  1. Pearlesque Box

This box offers you new products that are organic, non-toxic and natural from all around the world. It includes 1-2 full sized and 1-3 travel sized products. Some of the items include face wash, eye balms, masks, lotions, facial mists and much more! They ship to select countries and offer free U.S. shipping. You can choose from 1,3,6 or 12-month subscription options. The plan is as low as $37.50 a box.

  1. Honey & Sage Company

A women’s wellness care package offered by a brand that believes in the motto “Better Women + Better Earth). Their monthly subscription care package includes herbal products, organic goods and self-care kits. They also believe in the power of self-care and how it’s the foundation to balance transformation and healing. The cost of the box is around $31.00 per month.

  1. Goddess Provisions

Their boxes are curated to nurture your inner goddess and help grow your spiritual practice. Each box is packed with 5 to 7 full-size products and includes crystals, aromatherapy, superfood snacks and spiritual tools. They are all vegan, cruelty-free and offer free US shipping. The typical box value is $80-$100, while the subscription price is as low as $27.75 a month.

  1. Jersey Shore Cosmetics 

An interesting subscription box that offers only best-selling, organic lip beauty products. The products are full sized and environmentally friendly. You can choose from 1, 2 or 4 balms. They are all paraben-free, gluten-free, non-toxic and petrochemical free. It ships on the first of each month and costs as low as $2.33 a month. The brand also ships worldwide.

  1. Hopebox

A self-care subscription box that offers hope and encouragement through handmade products. Each box is personalised and in the form of unique and thoughtful goodies. Their offer includes three different boxes:

  • Hopebox Light: 6+ handmade treasures with a personalised message.
  • Hopebox: 10+ handmade treasures with a personalised message.
  • Hopechest: 15+ handmade treasures in a pearlescent jewellery box.

They ship worldwide from the United States and arrive in the first week of each month.

  1. Orglamix

The ultimate self-care subscription box featured on Huffington Post. It’s fun, unique, high quality and affordable. It’s a great solution for busy women who don’t have time for themselves and constantly feel run-down or overwhelmed. It contains 4-6 full-size products to spark a little joy in your day. You won’t find their products in any other subscription box because everything is handcrafted in small batches in their studio. They are all natural, cruelty-free and of course vegan. The brand ships worldwide with free shipping in the US. They even offer coupon codes!

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  1. Benevolent Beauty Box

A box filled with 100% cruelty-free, natural beauty products. You fill out your preferences before you check-out, so each box is curated to your profile. The items are mostly cosmetic products that can include body and hair care products and tools. It contains 4-7 products that are full sized and the subscription auto-renews on the 1st of each month.

  1. Lathered Organics (Soap, Bath & Beauty) 

Four seasons, four boxes. Their handmade soaps are saponified using 100% organic, eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free healing oils. They are also scented with essential oils and premium phthalate-free fragrance oils. All products are vegan and cruelty-free without SLS or parabens. The cost of one box every three months is $45.25.

  1.   Relax N’ Glow

This brand offers natural skincare products for glowing, silky smooth skin. Their All Natural Hand Whipped Shea Butter is infused with relaxing lavender and a blend of three other oils (olive, castor, almond). It’s extremely soothing, buttery and soft and applies like a dream. It contains all natural essential oils and is entirely handmade. They ship worldwide on the 20th of every month, and you can cancel your subscription anytime.

  1. Orange Peel Box 

This box contains full-sized aromatherapy products to your door. You will receive your first box in 2 to 5 days with the guarantee that products are 100% pure. The Aroma Box has two essential oil blends each month, while the OrangePeelBox is a quarterly subscription box with 4 to 6 full-sized aromatherapy products. Products include candles, diffusers, body oil, misters, herbal creams, shampoo, face creams and more. All products are from 100% pure organic plants and created by expert aromatherapists. They offer free shipping and ship to select countries from the United States. Subscriptions automatically renew, but you can cancel anytime. The price is around $20.00 per month.

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