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Wearing and using makeup is an enjoyable activity and hobby for many people. There are so many cosmetics to choose from and various factors that are taken into account before purchasing products. One of the main factors is the price of cosmetics. Before we go into detail on the price range of makeup, let’s go through the different types of makeup products and what they’re used for.

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  • Foundation– typically the base product of every makeup look. This is used to prepare a canvas for the rest of your makeup. It also creates a smooth, even complexion and comes in different finishes, from matte to illuminating. Foundations also come in different formulas that are either high or light coverage.
  • Concealer- concealer is usually used after foundation to cover up dark under eyes and blemishes. Under eye concealer is brighter, lighter and not as heavy in its consistency, while concealers that cover blemishes tend to be thicker and have higher coverage.
  • Primer-primer is applied before any other face product and provides a smooth surface for your foundation. It also helps to keep your makeup in place and minimises the appearance of pores. Primers have different finishes just like foundation. They also reduce redness and can either mattify or highlight the skin.
  • Powder– this product is used to set foundation and concealer while giving the skin a flawless finish. A lot of powders also mattify the skin and give it a blurred effect. You can either use pressed or loose powder.
  • Bronzer– bronzer is used to bronze the face and give it some colour. It is typically used during the warmer months to tan the skin but can be used all year round. It provides the skin with a healthy, glowy look.
  • Contour powder- when it comes to contour powder, it’s quite similar to how a bronzer works. It sculpts and contours the hollows of the face. It also can make your face appear slimmer.
  • Blush- blush is applied to the cheeks and comes in different formulas. There are powder, loose and cream blushes. They usually come in pink or peach colours and give the face a youthful, fresh look.
  • Highlighter- this product is applied to the high points of the face: the cupid’s bow, tops of your cheekbones, sides of the forehead, bridge of the nose and under the eyebrows. It gives your face a healthy glow and makes your face appear softer.
  • Mascara– mascara is used to elongate the lashes while attaching tiny fibres to them. It’s the most popular eye makeup product and comes in different formulas, colours, but the most used colour is black.
  • Eyeliner- this product is used to outline, shape and bring out the eyes. Winged liner is a popular makeup look created with eyeliner. It mostly comes in black and brown colours. Eyeliner brings out the shape and colour of the eye.
  • Eyeshadow- eyeshadow is used to create different eye looks. It comes in thousands of colours and formulas. It can be used to highlight the eye, bring out the colour and outline the crease.

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  • Eyebrow products- this can vary from pencil products to pomades and creams. The eyebrows frame the face and are an essential element of a makeup routine which is why you should never forget about them. Some people prefer a more bold brow, while others like a natural look.
  • Eyebrow/eyelash gel- this product holds the hairs in place. It can come in a clear colour or a natural brow colour such as brown or taupe.
  • Eyeshadow primer– this product helps keep your eyeshadow in place and gives it a base.
  • Lipstick- lipstick is also an essential element of a completed makeup look. The iconic red lip is still popular to this day. Lipstick comes in many colours, formulas and finishes. They can vary from liquid, bullet or cream formulas and have matte, glossy or sheer formulas.
  • Lip gloss– lip gloss is quite similar to lipstick, except that it always comes in a glossy finish. Lip gloss tends to be more sticky and shiny. It’s a lot more moisturising than regular lipstick.
  • Finishing spray– a product used at the end of creating a makeup look. It sets the look and makes it stay all day. It also makes a face look less cakey and powdery.

Figuring out which makeup products to purchase alone is a difficult choice. When you add the amount your willing to spend on a product, it’s even more difficult. It all depends on your budget and what exactly you’re looking for. Makeup can be divided into a few groups:

  1. Low-end (aka drugstore makeup)– this type of makeup can be found within a reasonable and affordable price range at drugstores. It’s widely available and inexpensive which is why it’s the most popular. Some brands include:
  • L’oreal- a common brand that specialises in cosmetics for women. They have high-quality products and their prices range from as low as $5 to $20. It all depends on the product. They have amazing foundations and lipsticks.
  • Milani- their powders and foundations are one of the most popular on the market. The powder can cost up to $10. The prices of their lipsticks vary from $6-$9.
  • Maybelline- this brand has some of the most popular products on the market. They offer the best mascara and eyeliner. Most of their mascara costs around $11. Their concealer is priced at around $6.
  • NYX– they sell high-quality products for a super price. Some of their best sellers are their lip glosses, setting sprays and blushes. Most of their products cost under $10.
  • Rimmel London– a British cosmetic brand known for its high quality. Their Stay Matte foundation and powder are one of the most popular products at the drugstore. The best part is most of their products cost around $5-$10!
  • LA Girl Cosmetics– an affordable makeup brand with amazing concealers. They also offer foundation, lipsticks, blush and primer. You can find them at local drugstores near you.
  • Revlon– a classic drugstore makeup brand that has many iconic favourites. Their Colorstay foundation is the top foundation at the drugstore and has been loved by many for years! It costs around $15. Some other amazing products include their lipsticks, eyeshadows and powders.
  • ELF– one of the least expensive brands at the drugstore. Their prices range from as low as $1 to (rarely) $10. The best part is that most of their products have amazing reviews. Their lipsticks are only $1!

luxury makeup

  1. Mid-end– this category consists of products that have great quality but are not available at drugstores. They can usually be purchased at Sephora, Ulta or online. Their prices tend to be a bit higher as well.
  • Kat Von D Beauty- a very versatile makeup line created by a tattoo artist. Their products are high-quality but still, have a reasonable price. Some of their best sellers include the Tattoo Liner ($19), Studded Kiss Lipstick ($21), and the Eye Contour Palette ($46).
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills- they specialise in brow products which come in tones of shades. Dipbrow is the most popular item of theirs and costs around $18. Their Brow Wiz is priced at $21.
  • Urban Decay– it’s known for being edgy, bold and dramatic. Their Primer Potion is a bestseller and is great for oily lids ($24), while their All-Nighter Setting Spray is known for its incredible quality ($32).
  • Too Faced– they offer more neutral-looking makeup and super cute packaging. Their Chocolate Bon Bons palette is a fan favourite and costs $49. They also have amazing blushes such as the Love Flush Blush ($26). Their primers are great for oily skin.
  • Becca– you probably know this brand for their jaw-dropping highlighters. Their price is usually around $38. They also specialise in base products, bronzers and colour correctors.
  • theBalm– their vintage vibe and gorgeous packaging make them stand out at stores. Some classics are their Mary-Lou Manizer and pigmented Instain Blushes ($22). Another favourite is their Nude Tude Palette that’s priced at $36.
  • Hourglass– they offer high-quality makeup and beautiful packaging. Their powders are cult favourites, especially the Ambient Lighting Powder ($45), their Veil Mineral Primer, and their Ambient Lighting Blush ($38).
  • IT Cosmetics- their product were developed to help treat skin conditions and help keep the skin as healthy as possible. Their foundations and concealers are great and also offer skincare. Their prices range from $15-35.

amazing makeup

  1. High-end luxury– these offer the most expensive high-quality products. They add a touch of luxury to your look and make you feel like a million dollars.
  • Chanel– an iconic and top-selling luxury brand. It’s classy packaging, and a wide range of colours will definitely grab your attention. Some products include their Luminous Matte Lip Colour ($38), Rouge Coco Gloss ($30), and Le Volume De Chanel Mascara ($32).
  • Shiseido– a very old beauty brand that creates only high-value products. Their InnerGlow Cheek Powder is priced at $29, the Brow InkTrio is $24, and the precise MicroLiner Ink costs $22.
  • Lancome- when it comes to this brand, it’s no secret that it’s a luxury brand favourite. The bestselling Teint Idole Long Wear Foundation costs $47, the Monsieur Big Mascara $25, Definicils Mascara $27, and the Youth Activating Serum ranges from $52-$178.
  • Dior- a well-known classic luxury brand that never fails with their products. Some favourites include their Fix It Concealer ($36), their Flash Luminizer ($40), Diorskin Rosy Glow blush ($44), the Dior Forever Skin Glow foundation ($52), and the Mineral Nude Glow powder ($45).
  • Guerlain- they offer products for all skin tones and types for women all around the world. Their Rouge G Customisable Lipstick is a bestseller and costs $32. Their liquid liner is also a favourite ($43).
  • Sisley-this brand uses plant-based extracts in its products and is more focused on offering high-quality ingredients. Their Phyto-Blush duo is amazing and is priced $88. Their eye concealer contains botanical extracts ($107), and their cushion foundation ($130) feels extremely light on the skin.
  • Givenchy– their simplicity and aesthetic are breathtaking. The Le Rouge Lipstick ($40) comes in over 25 colours. Their newest Le Rose Perfecto ($37) and Lip Balm ($40) are also worth trying. The products are super moisturising on the lips.


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