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It’s important to use the right hair products to maintain healthy hair. There are many products available on the market that assist you in achieving the hair you’d like. Unfortunately, most of these products contain many harmful ingredients that can cause more damage than good to the hair. Before we get into detail on how bad certain ingredients can be, let’s talk about hair.

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Hair types

A hair type describes the manner and pattern in which your hair grows. It can be either silky straight, super wavy or extremely curly. Hair also comes in different textures – this refers to the thickness or diameter of the hair strand. It can be fine, medium, thick or coarse. Fine hair can be more prone to breakage, especially if it’s on the dry side. Medium or normal hair has more protein structure than fine hair, but it’s still less thick than coarse hair. Coarse hair is made up of thicker strands, holds curls very well, but can be prone to frizz.


Hair porosity is the hair’s ability to absorb moisture and retain it. Usually most hair types need a lot of moisture. Properly moisturised hair looks great natural and grows faster.

Type 1: Straight

This hair type is straight and may have a tendency toward becoming greasy and shiny. Straight hair tends to become greasy faster than curly hair because it’s thinner and the oil travels down the shaft more quickly. Here are the three subcategories for straight hair:

  • Type 1A – this type is common with Asians. Type 1A hair is very straight and fine
  • Type 1B – very straight – this type is thicker with medium texture and more volume
  • Type 1C – this type is very thick, coarse and shiny, but it’s still straight


Type 2: Naturally Wavy

Naturally wavy has a nice wave to it and it tends to be thicker than Type 1 hair. These are the three subcategories:

  • Type 2A – very fine hair and thin with S-shaped waves
  • Type 2B – this type of hair is wavy and medium-thick, it also tends to be more frizzy
  • Type 2C – this type it is prone to frizz and difficult to style, it also tends to be almost curly


Type 3: Curly

This is the curliest type. It has defined, springy curls and it tends to be easy to style. There are three subcategories for curly hair:

  • Type 3A – this type has defined curls with a thick texture but it tends to be frizzy
  • Type 3B – tighter curls and can be a combination of different hair types
  • Type 3C – very tight curls or kinks and is generally easy to style


Type 4: Very Curly or Kinky

This type has very tight and well-defined curls. It’s coarse in texture and also sensitive and prone to heat damage.

  • Type 4A – soft, well-defined curls
  • Type 4B – very tight curls but less defined and soft
  • Type 4C – extremely tight curls


Every hair type requires different hair products and should be properly taken care of.

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Hair care

Straight hair should be kept clean since it has a lot of natural shine and can get oily fairly quickly. Volumising shampoos and conditioners will give your fine, straight hair a little more texture and body. Try not to use products that are heavy or rich in their consistency. When it comes to styling, flip the hair upside down when blow-drying to give it more volume. Dry shampoo is also helpful for adding more volume while also soaking up excess oil. Blunt haircuts leave this type of hair looking thicker. Layers also give your hair some movement.


Wavy Hair tends to be quite frizzy. It’s important to control the frizz without weighing down the hair and ruining the waves. Adding moisture and volume gives the hair some life and movement. Shampoos and conditioners for this hair type should be hydrating and help reduce frizz. Styling mousse on damp hair will help with frizziness and volume. Use a diffuser to dry your hair and don’t do it often – blow-drying dries out the hair and leaves it frizzy. A layered haircut will give you some volume and keep the hair looking thick.


Curly Hair is also quite frizzy. The key to controlling frizz is to constantly moisturise the hair and keep it under control. The ideal shampoo and conditioner can keep the hair hydrated and add some definition to the curls. For beautifully defined curls apply a bit of mousse and gently comb the hair. The shorter you cut your hair, the curlier your hair will look.


Harmful chemicals in products

Chemicals can be widely found in hair products available on the market. They are very harmful for your hair so it’s important to check the ingredients to see if your product contains any of these:


-PEG or polyethene glycols. These are synthetic petrochemicals found in hair care products, especially hair dyes. They also dry out the hair and leave it brittle.


-Propylene glycol (PG)- found in many shampoos, conditioners, styling gels and lotions. They break down healthy proteins and cellular structure and cause scalp irritation.


-Synthetic fragrances- these can cause many bad reactions such as headaches, chest tightness and asthma. Fragrances are often used in hair care products to give a nice scent, but most people don’t know that they don’t serve any functional purpose. They should especially be avoided by those with sensitive skin.


-SLS- sodium lauryl, aka sodium laureth sulphate. This chemical is in a lot of shampoos, so it can be hard to avoid. It dries your hair out and strips it from its natural oils. Sulfates can cause irritation, redness and itching, especially if your scalp is sensitive.


-Triclosan- this antibacterial agent weakens the immune system and creates abnormal levels of hormones and the endocrine system.

Did you know that a good way to avoid these harmful products is to switch to organic brands? There are many professional organic hair products available that you probably haven’t heard of.

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Their sulfate, paraben and gluten-free organic shampoo is sourced and processed with traditional methods. It’s also cruelty-free which is a huge plus. The brand was developed by a native Ecuadorian and their products are uniquely made in accordance with traditional Quechua methods and rituals. They are committed to making clean, natural and organic products that deeply hydrate and repair the hair. This is a must-have product!

Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Sulfate Free Shampoo

A colour safe shampoo that helps cleanse and restore natural moisture of the hair without overweighting it. It’s great for dry, dull and brittle air that lacks shine and softness. It contains ingredients like aloe, clover, calendula and rose. The aloe leaf juice gives the right amount of shine and the rose extract smells beautiful. The black vanilla fragrance is also soothing. It’s important to note that it contains zero parabens, silicones, petrolatum or artificial colours.

Dr. Alkaitis

This brand offers an amazing shampoo that is shockingly 100% edible! It’s certified organic and cruelty-free. The products are made by hand in California. Alkaitis products are high-quality and made from their own extracts. They bring out the natural texture of hair and make it look fantastic. Some ingredients include wildcrafted plants, seeds, oils and sea vegetables.

TGIN Moisture Rich Sulfate Free Shampoo

This shampoo is packed with aloe vera that soothes the hair. It also contains many lightweight natural oils that nourish the hair. This shampoo improves hair health drastically and gives manageable hair. It’s enriched with both coconut and amla oil to reduce breakage and increase moisture retention for moisturised and healthy hair. Not only does the oil reduce breakage, but the vitamins in the shampoo also do. It gives double strengthening power.

Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper

A product formulated for frizz-free, well-defined curls. It contains only high-quality ingredients and provides frizz control. It reactivates with water with zero build-up which allows you several days of great styling. It’s very effective in high humid weather conditions and will perform 100% of the time. It’s also silicone free and is never tested on animals. All ingredients are biodegradable and safe enough for daily use. It won’t weigh down hair or have it feeling oily.



All of these products and brands are definitely worth trying out! They work for many different hair types and make the hair look astonishing, moisturised and nourished. Take care of your hair with safe and gentle ingredients instead of damaging it and treating it badly.

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