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Lip gloss is a favourite lip product of many. It can be a final touch to any makeup look. It adds the perfect amount of shine and makes the lips appear bigger. Lip gloss comes with different applicators, formulas and colours. It’s important to check the ingredients of products you’re applying onto the lips. A lot of the time, there are a lot of harsh chemicals in products that dry out and irritate delicate lips.

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Before we explain why toxic ingredients are bad for you, let’s review all of the different makeup categories:


  • Primer:  it’s applied before face products such as foundation and concealer and smoothes out the skin It helps makeup stay in place throughout the day and can even blur out the appearance of pores. If you have a mattifying primer, it can mattify the skin or an illuminating one can give your skin a nice glow. Primer helps with dark spots and redness as well.
  • Foundation: the base product used before other face products.. It prepares a smooth, even canvas for easier application of the rest of your products. It also blurs pores and comes in different finishes (matte, illuminating, hydrating).
  • Concealer: it’s purpose is to cover under eye bags and imperfections. It brightens and lightens the face while covering blemishes. It usually thicker in consistency and has high coverage.
  • Powder: powder is used to set wet face products such as foundation, concealer and cream products. It smoothes the skin and gives it a blurred finish. It can also be used to mattify the skin and keep it from overproducing sebum throughout the day. Powders come in different formulas (pressed or loose).
  • Bronzer: used to give the face a tan and give it some colour. Thanks to bronzer skin is more glowy and appears healthier.
  • Contour powder: it makes your face appear slimmer and gives it a darker colour. It also sculpts and contours the hollow points of the face.
  • Blush: blushes come in peach or pink shades. They are applied to the apples of the cheeks and give the face a healthy, glowy appearance. They can come in cream, loose powder or pressed powder form.
  • Highlighter: typically applied to the higher points of the face- top of cheekbones, Cupid’s bow and bridge of the nose. It gives the skin a nice glow and makes the face appear healthy and smooth.
  • Mascara: mascara elongates the lashes and gives them volume. It comes in black or dark brown shades and has many different types of brushes.
  • Eyeliner: used to line eyes and to bring out the shape of the eyes. It also highlights their natural colour and can even be used to draw on a totally different shape. It’s also usually black or brown.  
  • Eyeshadow: eyeshadow comes in many different colours and formulas that allow you to create different colourful eye looks and enhance the eye colour. There are also different finishes such as matte, shimmer or glitter.  
  • Eyebrow products: pencil products, creams and pomades. Eyebrows are important- they frame the face. Many people prefer a natural brow look, while others like a drawn out eyebrow.
  • Eyelash/brow gel: gel is used to hold hairs in place and comes in a clear or natural colour.
  • Eyeshadow primer: it creates an even layer of product onto which eyeshadow is applied. It also helps it blend better and stays in place throughout the day.
  • Lipstick: lipstick can come in a matte, glossy, or sheer finish and is an important element of any completed makeup look. It’s quite popular to use a red lipstick- the iconic red lip. Pinks, purples and nudes are also popular shades.
  • Lip gloss: gloss gives the lips beautiful shine and moisture them while also giving them some colour.
  • Finishing spray: the final touch of any makeup look to lock it and set it in place. It also helps keep the skin matte or illuminated depending on how you want it to finally look.


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Organic only!

The skin absorbs over 60% of products that we apply onto it. This is why we should know what we use and if it’s safe for our skin. Most drugstore makeup isn’t too safe and contains many harmful ingredients:

  • Synthetic fragrances: they aren’t known to be super harmful to the skin, but they are quite irritating, especially for those with sensitive skin. Look for products that contain only natural essential oils.


  • Triclosan: a wide-spectrum antimicrobial agent that penetrates through the skin and is an endocrine disruptor which can potentially affect hormone function. It’s also known to decrease thyroid hormone concentrations.


  • Ethanolamine compounds: they contain chemicals called nitrosamines that have been linked to cancer. Try to look for the letters TEA, DEA and MEA in ingredients and avoid them.


  • Parabens: they’re preservatives that are used to prevent growth of bacteria in makeup. After the skin absorbs them, they’re transmitted into the bloodstream and can potentially cause breast cancer or early puberty.


  • Heavy metals: nickel and chrome are typically in darker makeup products, especially green and metallic coloured cosmetics. They are very toxic and have been linked to lung cancer and brain damage.


Organic products are always full of safe and natural ingredients. You don’t have to worry about using dangerous ingredients on the skin. They also contain fewer toxins and are generally naturally derived. Organic products don’t contain fillers like oil or water and add a lot of beneficial plant-based ingredients and botanicals. They’re also better for having a healthy lifestyle since organic farming is generally better for the environment. Farming practices for organic products are ethical and mostly always cruelty-free.


Lip gloss is usually an element we overlook when considering organic makeup. Opposed to popular belief, lip gloss can contain just as many chemicals like any makeup product. Lip gloss looks perfect topped on the lips and can really enhance the shape and size of lips. They’re always available in different colours and less/more sticky formulas.

organic lip gloss

Try these organic glosses:



This gloss is formulated with fruits, seeds and roots in a moisturising pomegranate oil and cocoa butter base. You only need one layer to achieve a bold pop of colour with a creamy finish. Every use provides an intense, deep saturated application of colour. It comes in a few colours: Rum Nougat- a medium pink with rosy undertones, Truffle- a deep warm mauve and Cherry Cordial- a bold pink.



Dr Hauschka Lip Gloss leaves a beautiful, silk feel and brilliant shine on the lips. It mixes mineral pigments with nourishing botanical ingredients such as anthyllis, mango butter and sea buckthorn oil to soothe, protect and moisturise lips. The creamy formulation that’s created with beeswax, mango butter and apricot kernel oil, hydrates the delicate skin on your lips, helps them lock in moisture and keeps your lips soft. It also contains sea buckthorn fruit oil that protects and smooths. It can be applied alone, over lipstick, or act a smoothening base that gives a glossy finish.



A certified organic lip gloss that creates a plump look  with sheer colour and incredible shine. It contains jojoba oil that nourishes and hydrates lips for long-term conditioning. The gloss also has a delicate scent that glides on flawlessly due to its soft and cushiony easy to use applicator. Some benefits include providing a natural finish and creating a plump look with the use of only one layer. It has a highly nourishing formula that has a creamy texture and a delicate vanilla scent. It glides on the lips like butter thanks to the soft applicator. The jojoba oil provides long-term conditioning. Let’s not forget about the luminous shine it provides! It comes in the colours Sorbet (delicate light pink), Garden Party (rich pink), Cherry Red (deep red) and Cranberry Crush (deep purple).



Ilia Lip Gloss nourishes, moisturises and hydrates the lips while giving them a radiant touch of colour. The hydrating lip colours have the perfect amount of shine and are infused with a natural and organic blend of coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E. This gloss applies easily and smoothly. It also protects the lips. The delicate essential orange and jasmine oils are carmine-free and vegan- great for sensitive lips. The colours: Peek A Boo: a soft, elegant nude, The Butterfly & I: the peach perfect- soft and warm, a universally flattering shade, Love Buzz: a classic pink with cool undertones- it will fit most skin tones, Heartbeat: the perfect red, Back to Life: a vibrant, and wildly rich lilac and Gypsy: a warm, deep burgundy with saffron tones.



A rich and moisturising lip gloss infused with castor seed oil, rosehip seed oil and sunflower seed oil that work to leave lips protected, firmed, plumped and tightened. It comes in a few pretty colours- you will become obsessed! The gloss is super moisturising which makes it perfect to use everyday and even overnight for a bit of hydration. It helps to regenerate lips and fight signs of aging thanks to rosehip seed oil. The sunflower seed oil protects against environmental stressors due to the high fatty acid and vitamin E in it. The formula is super lightweight and never sticky. It just leaves lips with a rich, flawless colour with some sheen. Colours:

  • Treasure: a pale, coral nude
  • Courage: a bright, mood-lifting coral
  • Tenderness: a cool rosy-nude
  • Affinity: a balanced rose-coloured pink
  • Fascination: a faded, raspberry red
  • Intimate: a rose-coloured, true pink with balanced undertones
  • Admire: a medium plum-coloured gloss



A non-sticky lip gloss formulated with natural and organic ingredients and a nourishing blend of cocoa, shea butter, coconut and jojoba oil. It glides on super smoothly and looks very silky on the lips. It hydrates and soothes lips whilst giving them a luscious colour that is truly astonishing. It comes in these shades: Naughty- a nude with a high gloss shine, Plum- a semi-sheer purple mauve, Bella- the perfect rosy pink, Bliss- a bright pink, Berrylicious- a very juicy berry and Seduction- a sexy bold red.




All natural ingredients in one gloss. It has a chocolatey flavour and a non-sticky, high gloss shiny finish to nourish and protect lips. It’s packed with vitamin E and organic jojoba to hydrate the skin. It provides an even application thanks to its practical wand and is free from harsh chemicals,  parabens, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrance and preservatives. Shade range: Whisper: a sheer pale dusky pink, English Rose: a sheer dusky pink, Peachy Keen: a sheer peach with shimmer highlights, Scandalips: a bold pink with a hint of shimmer, Bitten Pink: a rich ruby pink with shimmer highlight, Damson Dusk: a deep, dusky pink mauve and High Flyer: a deep coral.


Try out these glosses and see for yourself how amazing their formula is and how long-lasting they are. Most importantly, they’re healthy and safe to use on the lips. Shine away!

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