Oasis suede wedge shoes with glitter platforms

tan suede wedges with gold glitter platforms

Oasis glitter wedges, £55

I tend to think Oasis’s strengths lie more with their amazing dresses than with their footwear, but every so often they’ll come up with something to sway my opinion, and this week these glitter wedges are it.

With their neutral uppers and very NON-neutral soles, these are perhaps a bit of a strange combination, but I think it’s a combination that works: and which makes glitter a much more viable option for daytime wear, too.

These are what I think of as “holiday shoes”: they’re the kind of style I’d wear every day over the course of a summer vacation, and then be forced to retire at the end of the summer, through sheer over-use. For that reason, the £55 price tag is a little steep for me, but I’m guessing not everyone is quite as hard on their poor old wedges, so they could be worth the investment to you. If they are, you can find them here : just try not to get too distracted by all those amazing dresses I mentioned!

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