Oasis suede pointed heel boots


Oasis suede pointed heel boots, £65

I’m a little obsessed with ankle boots right now: in fact, having recently bought this pair from New Look, I’m now on the lookout for similar versions, for that inevitable moment when they start to fall apart and I’m desperate for a new pair.

Warehouse isn’t a brand I tend to associate with shoes: I know they make a small selection of them, of course, but it’s their dresses and outerwear I always look at first when I visit their website. This week, however, these grey suede ankle boots caught my attention: the thing I like most about these is the elasticated section on the ankle, which means they’ll fit snuggly, and not make me look like I have a couple of boats on my feet – which is how I look in most other ankle boots, to be honest. These also come in black, which would probably be a little more practical for the winter weather.

Also from Warehouse is this lace prom dress:

lace prom dress

This is actually navy, not black, as I’d first thought, which makes it a little more unusual, although no less versatile. I love navy with silver, and would probably pair these with a pair of silver strappy sandals. I also like this one, which is down to £40 from £70 in the post-Christmas sales: I knew January had to be good for something!

bronze prom dress

Although I’m not generally a big fan of the sales (I almost always seem to want to buy things from the new collections rather than the old ones, so I don’t normally save much money!), they can be a good time to stock up on basics, too, and I think I’d get a lot of use out of this navy blue midi dress:

navy blue midi dress

It’s down to £25 in the sale, and it may not look too exciting in the photo, but add a great pair of heels, and I bet it’d look amazing on!

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