Mihaela Glavan bow suede pumps

Mihaela Glavan bow suede pumps

Mihaela Glavan bow suede pumps, £175

Last week I got an email from a new website called Aeterna Style, inviting me to take a look at their wares. Now, there was nothing unusual about that, obviously: like many other bloggers, I get dozens of near-identical emails every week, but there was one thing about this one that made it stand out – these shoes.

Yes, there was a photo of these amazing mint green pumps attached to the message, and that was all it took to get me to click through for a closer look. Had they been a little less expensive, it would ALSO have been all it took to get me to hit the “add to basket” button, but, well, Christmas is coming up, so I can’t really go buying gifts for myself, can I? (No, seriously, can I? Because I would find that a whole lot easier than trying to pick out gifts for other people, that’s for sure. Hey, I wonder if ShoeperMan would like a pair of mint green pumps? In a UK size 4?)

These are by Mihaela Glava, and I love both the the minty fresh upper and the folded detail on the toe. That’s not all I like, however, because just take a look at these:

red suede bow shoes

So, a pair of mint green heels AND a pair of red suede pumps. It’s almost like they know me, isn’t it? I’d find it really hard to choose between these two styles: they’re both very similar, but with different details on the toes to set them apart (and, of course, allow you to justify buying more than one pair). These weren’t the only two pairs of shoes I loved from this designer  – oh hell, no – but I’m going to spare myself the pain of looking at even MORE shoes I can’t afford, and let you discover the rest for yourselves: you can thank me later…


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