Loriblu green patent multistrap sandal

green patent high heel sandals with multiple straps

Loriblu sandals, $546

The gorgeous green colour of these sandals instantly called out to me, and guaranteed them a place here on ShoeperWoman.com. The five separate straps on the front, meanwhile? Well, they almost cancelled out my love of the colour, especially when I realised that, unlike some multi-strap shoes, these don’t have a zip on the heel or side, so you really will have to fasten all of those studs every time you wear them!

It’s not just the added hassle of straps that puts me off them, though, because, after all, it’s a very minor issue in the great scheme of things. What I always find with shoes like this, though, is that they look fantastic on other people… but on me they just look overly fussy, and somehow WRONG. I think it’s possibly just that they’re not a great fit for my personal style, so although I do really like these in the photo, I’m going to have to be content to just admire them from afar – or on someone else. (Which would’ve been the case anyway, let’s face it: they ARE $546, after all!)

What do you think of these?

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  • I hate it when shoes are overly difficult to fasten! I own these really adorable bright blue Mary Janes, with black (fake) snake skin heels and thick strap. I absolutely love them. But that strap is fastened by three itsy bitsy little buckles, which makes wearing them annoying as all get out.

    As for these shoes, I think that when it comes to gladiator-esque heeled sandals, they’ve got to be in a neutral or bold color (I also own a great pair of bright blue gladiator heels. Yes, I am a fan of bright blue). When mixed with a pastel color, especially when it’s patent leather, the sweetness of the color clashes with the fierceness of the design (yes, I did just use the word “fierceness”). Sometimes contrast works, but not here.

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