Alejandro Ingelmo turquoise and silver slingbacks

turquoise shoes with silver slingbacks

Alejandro Ingelmo slingbacks, £450

I’ve been really loving Alejandro Ingelmo’s current shoe collection, and of all the shoes I’ve shown you (and all the ones I haven’t shown you, but have stared at longingly, come to think of it…) I think these two-tone slingbacks win the House Cup.

The obvious talking point here is the sleek, silver slingback, which doesn’t just anchor the shoe to your foot, but also creates that wonderful, swooping silhouette. The turquoise suede upper also merits a mention here, though. This is a shade I’ve always loved, and although we don’t see it all that often on footwear, when we do, it’s almost always worth the wait.

The relatively pale colour gives these a very Spring/Summer feel (and, indeed, they’re from this season’s collection), but if you wanted to wear them all year round, I think they’d make beautiful evening shoes, too. I love pairing silver with white, and always think it creates a very futuristic kind of look, but these would work equally well with a little black dress, and, for some reason I’m also imagining them with yellow, if you wanted to be a little braver with your colour choices.

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