Little Mistress Multi Strap Stilettos

Little Mistress Multi Strap Stilettos

One of the strange consequences of being a shoe blogger is that you find yourself constantly staring at people’s feet (In a totally non-creepy way, I hasten to add: foot fetishists, that isn’t an invitation to start sending me emails again!). On New Year’s Eve, for instance, I was at a party at a local restaurant, when my attention was grabbed by a woman wearing a pair of beautiful gold sandals, which I immediately recognised as having been available at Dorothy Perkins last summer.

Although I’d written about the shoes when I first came across them, I hadn’t actually seen them in real life, which was a shame, because they looked much nicer on than they had in the product shots: so much so that when I remembered them this morning, I had to spend a bit of time searching for them, in the vague hope that there might be a pair of two still available. Unfortunately for me, I was out of luck, and the sandals had sold out long ago. I’m glad I took the time to look through the Dorothy Perkins shoe section, though, because I’d otherwise have missed these sandals by Little Mistress, which ARE still available. I really like the mixture of black, gold and nude on the uppers, and the shiny gold heel is pretty special, too. The t-bar strap, meanwhile, gives them a bit of a vintage feel, and if you’re a regular reader, you’ll know how much I like the vintage look!

My time on the Dorothy Perkins website also turned up these Head Over Heels sandals, which are a little closer to the ones I was looking for:

gold platform sandals

They’re not identical, and I don’t like them quite as much, but one thing I’ve learned is to never trust the product shot: sometimes a shoe is so much nicer in “real” life!

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  • Ha, I’m always staring at people’s feet too. And clothes. It’s amazing I don’t get pulled up on it more often to be honest. It’s a regular thing, me staring intently at a girl, then turning and whispering to whoever is with me ‘that dress is from Lindy Bop. It’s called Vanessa’. It could quite easily be misconstrued I’m sure!

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